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(PC) Gifted a friend RoG now crashes on world select menu

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pickleplayer    171

I have a friend who plays both DST and DS for a while now, and decided to gift her the RoG dlc a week or so ago. She uses Windows and plays the Steam version. do people still play the non-steam version?

The gift was sent and received while they were in-game, somewhere in the middle of an adventure mode run, and continued playing a little while longer before logging out and back in to start up the game with the DLC. But they were greeted with this when hitting the "Play" button from the main menu


This is before even selecting a world, or before it even shows the menu to select which save-slot to continue playing. It does this every time, but disabling the RoG dlc from steam and launching the game allows it to run normally (without the dlc).

That error message brings us to here in the code:


which lead me to believe it was an issue with the save data file location not being in the right place.

But this is their save data location, and I couldn't spot anything out of the ordinary


I was told that the very first time this happened, there was one character mod enabled (but werent playing as). It's called "Kaji" and it's one that I've made myself, but it's been on the workshop for years and I've never heard anyone else claim this bug, and it certainly doesn't touch any save slot stuff. All mods were disabled after that, We've done the whole "verify game file integrity" and done a full uninstall, restart, reinstall, but the problem still persists.

I'm pretty stumped as to what this could be, but if you need any more information I will gladly provide it assuming I don't forget about this thread

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