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Tamed beefalo damage input.

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Gasil    15
Posted (edited)

Hello, I wanted to adress the following, in case it hasn't been noted and if it's unintended behaviour.

I'm playing Don't Starve base game without any DLC, no Rog, SW nor HAM and the only mod is currently being used is Geometrical Placement, and no other more.

Using Woodie,  I am in process of taming a Beefalo and encouraging the Ornery tendency. I read in the wiki that a rided beefalo attack is supposed to deal normal beefalo damage to enemies (34 damage), however it seems it does damage according to whatever weapon Woodie has in his hand while riding it, as it takes 7 hits or so to kill a spider while walking cane is wielded and just 2 hits when I've the Hambat or Tentacle Spike equipped. I'm assuming it may mess up the Ornery and War Saddle bonus damage and not applying them whatsoever.

I'm unsure if it's an intended behavior for Don't Starve alone and if it was addressed on further DLC.

Thank you.

EDIT: Also just noted that the weapon's durability gets depleted with each hit and being unnarmed actually uses beefalo damage.

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