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Klei client token (for Discord bot player listing)

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Kova_    25

Hello folks!

I developed Discord bot few weeks ago, see I hope it is okay that I named it Antlion.
It utilizes Steam API for obtaining player list. With Steam API, I can find out player names, age and if they are in the caves or not. 

I found out that Klei created some kind of REST API for the lobby browsing. With Klei's API, I can extend the player list with a chosen character and the server day. However for fully working solution, I would need a permanent client token. Including a few fixes, because the Klei's row ID changes in time. 

The problem is that my client token doesn't persist for long time after my login. It is usually removed on the Klei's server in an hour after I logout from the game. Thus, I write here, if anybody knows how to get permanent client token. 

Thank you for any advice! 

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mefairy    0

I can’t send a message to nome, it says "You are only allowed to send 0 messages per day. Please try again later.", what should I do?

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