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Wee MacTusk can crash the game !

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aitchzed    25

So it's an old bug that Wee MacTusk ("little_walrus") can't drop his meat due to an error in his code syntax.

Before Hamlet, it was most likely harmless.

However, Hamlet introduced new GetPotentialLoot() function into lootdropper component and when it tries to get potential loot of Wee MacTusk, it crashes the game.

In reality this means that if you're playing as Wheeler and try to use her Navigadget near Wee MacTusk, game will crash since Navigadget scans for potential loot of nearby targets.

The fix is super simple, in walrus.lua you should replace

    ['meat']     = 1.0,


    {'meat',            1.00},

This will also make him drop his meat as originally intended.

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