so i changed my resolution on the settings and now my right monitor says D-SUB OUT OF RANGE

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pantelis5    0

okay so i saw my resolution was 1600x900 (my second monitors resolution) and i just changed my resolution to 1920x1080(my main monitors resolution) and it was sent to my second monitor, when i tried reverting it the game was sent to my main monitor again but my second screen still says D-SUB OUT OF RANGE and i was wondering if anyone could help me D:

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JanH    6,086

Unfortunately the issue is happening not with the game itself, but with your computer itself. From what you have described, it sounds like either your monitor or graphics card have outdated drivers. Best to download and install the latest driver updates for these. You can generally find the updates for monitors via the manufacturer's support website. Same with your graphics card. 

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