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[H] Duplicates [W] 1:1 offers

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Mrklli    1161


I'd like to do some fair 1:1 trading with you people. I've got an open inventory, so feel free to browse and see if you find any duplicates you like. Preferably I'd like to receive items I don't have yet, but new duplicates are not a deal-breaker either, as long as the items are of the same value. By the same value I mean the rarity tier (common, classy, spiffy etc.) and the steam market price (give or take a couple of cents).

NOTICE: I consider heirloom tier items and items that most likely in future will be upgraded to heirloom tier being of the same value. So I won't trade e.g. low heels for a suspension shirt although both of them are classy now, but I could trade those low heels for high heels or canadian boots, since all of them are/will be heirloom tier.

Here's my trading link C:

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