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Calvin Valerian

Feature Request: Disable Building Tool Icon

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My dupes were currently constructing a Jumbo Battery.

But when my base battery capacity falls to 30% as set in the Manual Generator, dupes will ignore the other 1 Jumbo Battery I assigned them to build they instead will run towards Manual Generators to pump back the batteries to full charge.

I want a Tool Icon just disable Manual Generators so that they can finish constructing the other 1 Jumbo Battery.

Because charging 1 empty battery just after fully charging the other 5 batteries is a pain in the ass.

Desktop 2019.08.21 -

Desktop Screenshot 2019.08.21 -

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Sasza22    2,207

Just set one dupe to have higher build priority than all others. Then he will keep building even during power shortage.

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abud    474
12 hours ago, Calvin Valerian said:

do you know what does Enable Proximity do

Proximity tooltip said based on hidden hierarchy. On previous version, this hidden hierarchy is just from left to right. I cannot guarantee for recent update because I never test it again.

For example you only have building and operating on highest priority, everything else is low.

Enable proximity on: they will choose nearest errand, it can be building or operating

Enable proximity off: they will choose from the left in priority screen, meaning operating first, building secondary.



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