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Open Chests from any Distance

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Visionary    10

Just wanted to point out a bug I've been getting with the chests and how I can keep them open from any range (allowing me to use the chest from all the way across the map... which can be quite useful =P)

When I open up a chest and then click on the ground away from it, it's menu closes correctly. However, if I open the chest and then, while holding the shovel, then click on a nearby sapling (to have the player dig it up), the chest's menu will remain open, allowing me to travel wherever I like and access the chest's contents from any distance (as well as put items in there myself).

I'm guessing (but haven't tested to see if it is so) that I can do the same with any number of tools and interactive objects, but figured I'd at least get the ball rolling.


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Visionary    10

I've done a bit more testing and figured I'd format this to be more like an actual bug report, for the sake of convenience, as well as share what I've found:

Platform: Web version (Google Chrome)

Build Number: 68511

Type: Programming

Severity: Major (large impact on gameplay: greatly subverts intended difficulty and ruleset)

Steps to Replicate the Bug:

1) Have the character have a shovel in their hands (regular or Regal), a chest placed in the world and any of the diggable objects (sappling, grass, evergreen, berry bush) placed near the chest.

2) Click on the chest to open it.

3) Click on a diggable object.

4) At this point you can let the character dig the object or hijack the action by clicking on open ground and having them walk there.

Actual Result:

The character can now move as far away from the chest as you like while still being able to access it, allowing the player to add or remove contents to put into the world or inventory (or from them to the chest) as they like.

Expected Result:

The chest should have closed once the character moved a certain distance away from it, not allowing them to access it's contents until they moved close to it again.


The bug is extremely inconsistent. At times, the player will be able to repeat this bug correctly without issue, at others the bug won't happen for several attempts.

I'm sure there's some info in here that isn't required and I apologise, just like to be thorough =3

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