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More creative germ icons

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bobucles    335

The germ overlay shows off germs as tiny specks of color. Those specks can be confusing to the color blind and are generally not too pleasant to look at. What if each germ type was represented by its own unique look?

For example, the slime lung germ should look like more of a gooey slime. If it's really gooey it's really infected.

Food poisoning germs might look like bad hamburgers and other sickly images

Zombie Spore germs might look like brains and traffic cones.

It's a small touchup to give the art guys some fun and add more shiny to the germ overlay.

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Sasza22    2,139

To add to it the tiles in which the germs have an infectious amount (amout above which dupes are exposed to the disease {for germs spreadin through air}) should have a slight red background so it`s easier to see the zone is dangerous.

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