Everything's gonna be alright... The "crying crab" is a relatively simple and viable no-exploitation heat deletion system, made possible by harnessing the phase-change cooling of Ethanol.   Heat load can be anything-- liquid, gas, tiles, pipes, etc. Aquatuner will run 100% of the time unless coolant temps get too low. Coolant used is polluted water. Construction: In action: Warning: 25 mb .gif   12,000 kg of water. 89.9c to 74c after 20 cycles. Anyone want to do the DTU math? Update: Cycle 760:  41.2c Cycle 770: 32.8c  Efficiency may increase at lower temps... Cycle 775: 28.5c Cycle 780 24.0c Cycle 785 19.1c Cycle 790: 13.2c * Low temp safety cutoff has been reached. AT no longer running at 100%        Dear, little crabby, don't shed no tears.
No, pokeshell, no cry.