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[MOD REQUEST] Willow from DST to DS

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jude    1

I wanted to request a what I thought I could do on my own since there's no much writing required but I can't read lua for my life. What I want is a mod that transfers the Willow from Don't Starve Together so that I could play her in Don't Starve Singleplayer.

Yes yes, I know all about the discussion of it and how the Rework made her less special etcera, but to be honest I just really like her as a character and I don't want to be worried all the time about my Sanity, specially in Shipwrecked to not burn everything down :?

I can offer in return some art, or gift on Steam some game that's not so expensive or even pay a small amount of money.

Thank you  :)

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Rhysparadox    30

Just wanted to play Ham+SW again. Before I noticed that the characters in DST are different ^^''. 
Such a mod would be really great. Love the new Barny~.  And setting fire are such a big downside in a game where you should go to Insane for loot~ x.x.

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