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Hosting two-player private server. Disconnect occurs only when interacting with improved farm.

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Ayydrill    0

Title. I am unable to find a mdmp steam error log file. It is not a crash. It is reproducible. As long as my friend is connected to my server, interacting with an improved farm causes a disconnect with the disconnect icon at the top left. Interacting with the farm without my friend connected causes no issues. 

Client Error Log:



Console Pro
Display Food Values

DST Storm Cellar

Extended Indicators

Extra equip slots

Fast Travel

Global Positions

Health Info

Increased Stack Size

Map Discovery Sharing

Show Me

Tell Me

Moving Box


[Forge] Battle Arena HUD

Combined Status
Craft Pot

DST Where's my Beef

Geometric Placement
Gesture Wheel

Item Info

Minimap HUD



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