Using the percentage based bypass pump (not an exploit), together with the NRGFREE-freezer automation bug/exploit that allows infinite power consumption, here is a new SSST (self sustaining steam turbine, thanks @tzionut), in a gigantic complex. I'll call it the SSSTC, or the SSST MkII. Each turbine provides roughly 250-275W, and the current only cost is the aquatuner.  How it works: The tepidizers vaporize incoming liquid and raise their temp to around 124.5C even after save/reload. No temp control is needed as the game caps their heating at 125C. This 124C steam is pumped upwards to the aquatuner to be pushed above 125C.  A 10kg/s line from one of the output feeds goes through the aquatuner. It moves extra heat to the 124C steam (pushing the temp above 126C). A liquid valve after the turbine deposits 0.1 g/s of water to enable the bypass pump (or jebaitor).  Interesting enough, you can use 0.1 g/s of water to enable the bypass pump to work even though the water instantly turns to steam. Liquid, power, and automation in the spoilers.  Currently i have an average of 80kg steam per open tile. Better placement, and more space for steam to move about, may reduce this amount. The top edge turbines are a little above 15kg in pressure and the temp is about 126.7, and rising. There is more potential for more turbines. I just stopped at the above, and wanted to share.  If the devs fix the automation glitch on the tepidizers, this won't be as power productive (as you have to pay some power for the tepidizer). However, it will still work with a pulsed tepidizer. The point is that you can use the tepidizer to get close to 125C, and then the aquatuner to tip the scale.