Any way to despawn all current Twiggy Trees?

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humanbean    17
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EDIT: Nvm, used search and found this recent thread :p 


So the twiggy trees are taking over in my world. I'm trying to eliminate any extra lag because my friend gets some issues.

Besides manually removing each tree, is there a command to remove all twiggy trees, or maybe a command that prevents more from spawning/producing twigs? Thanks!

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GetNerfedOn    2,589
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On 8/6/2019 at 7:14 PM, BeliarBAD said:

if your world lags you can use some commands to delete items. i do that always.



or its c_deleteall(twiggy_tree") im no tsure i forgot. you can see the prefabs on the wiki page but in some rare caese they are different. just start typing and it will show you some results in the console.

the twiggy trees will regrow after a while so dont worry you wont end in a world without.

heres a list of otems i delete in my world:














and all kind of tools

This should help

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minespatch    56,546
7 hours ago, SinancoTheBest said:

PS: I like twiggy trees, please don't hurt them

Twiggy trees are great. I don't even need to pick twig bushes. Just do some environmental chopping at the right moment, plant more seeds, endless supply of twiggos.

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