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Don't Starve Nintendo Switch Critical BUG

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Faustus    0

This has been an issue for over a year, from August of 2018 to August of 2019, possibly even prior to that.

I have a playthrough as Wigfrid, it's day 15 and I've finally made it to the ruins. I mined the entrance to the ruins, jumped down and then met a bug that keeps reoccurring. This bug is very known to devs and it has been over a YEAR and this has not been fixed. I get to the ruins and as soon as I load in, I can see the surroundings and then I freeze, without fail, every single time. I hear the sound of a new crafting recipe becoming available on loop, as my game freezes. I have tried restarting, I have encountered this on every single run, whether it be as Wilson, Webber, Wendy, Wolfgang, you name it, this has happened. 

I was excited to get there as Wigfrid because of her abilities but now I have no reason to even start the game again. What's the point if I cannot access the last part of the game, am I supposed to just survive without getting access to the part of the game that requires effort? I'm extremely disappointed. Please fix the game. I really enjoy it, but this makes it the entire game a 0/10. .

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