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The ps3 version constantly crashes and will not let you move.

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PapaDevito    0

The game will freeze when it autosaves. And it's not rare either. I've had it happen to me multiple times now (4 to be exact) and I've only put in 4-6 hours to the game. It's insanely annoying because when you eventually realize the ps3 froze you have to turn it off and hear the three beeps of death, which haunt my dreams.

And sometimes you just can't move at all. Starting up a world or hopping into a mine, sometimes you'll be completely unable to move. You can inspect things, or climb up the rope, but you are completely unable to move. So you either don't have the caves, or you don't have your entire world.

I get that it's an old console, but I'd at least expect it to work. Also, I know this is the ps4 forums, but there's no ps3 forums.

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