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erny0507    311

What about small abouts of lime, but tiny amounts, cause my prehistoric hatch would produce fossile.

The explanation would be, it absorbes the water on the steamĀ and leaves the impirities found in the form of small amounts of lime.

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the adir842    0

iirc steam is a pure form of water meaning there will be nothing to expel (like when P water/salt water evaporate it evaporate into steam while leaving sand or salt behind)
and what does this prehistoric hatch have anything to do with it (idk anything about it)

maybe make him produce cooled water?
the explenation about this is that it tries to cool down the steam into ice to poop out but can't because it's too hot remaining with 30C water

this also goes well with all of the vanilla pufts as water is boiled into steam so if the room is hot enough for steam to form then it's probably hot enough to boil water to the point as well and in every vanilla puft the thing they poop out doesn't have much problem going back to the gas they consumed to make it in the first place

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