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Xenologist    1,081

First suggestion, a machine that consumes sand or regolith and water, and outputs for sand are salt water and clay, while the one for regolith is a bit of clay, some wolframite, and still salt water (or brine) 

Second suggestion, a new biome, complete with plants. The biome holds clay, gold amalgam, fossil, and either ice or water.

Third Suggestion, New plants, a lumber producing fast growing clay consuming bamboo, and a potato shrub.

Final Suggestion, More foods, fries, mashed potatoes, and baked potatoes. 

*Note: all of this is vaguely defined enough for some leeway.

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babba    543
Posted (edited)

I like your ideas...

The "Fries" brought me on to the idea problem of having french fries on the floor.


I would find it great that The grill has the option "Double output", but this grill mode makes a lot of germs on the surrounding floor tiles because food is falling on to the floor. The fast double output mode also creates double the output heat.

Also frying french fries should have a flying-chips animation + a Pizza-Oven building should be buildable which only works with lumber. Pizza requires "Crotz Cheeze" & "Blumbula Tomatoz".


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Sasza22    2,103

Oh look who is back.

We coul use new sources of clay, clay should be more common or another biome with clay and gold amalgam (or something that works similar). New food would also be welcome, even though we got a lot new food recently.

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