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Wumpus the 19th    1251
20 hours ago, ResettePlayer said:

Fellongmo is forever
Lisa: The Painful reference. Were I cleverer, I'd rewrite Sticky/Fellemo's lines to actually make sense to say to Rook.

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I thought "what if this is TOO DUMB?" but I've uploaded worse.

"Rook. We're getting older. How can you blame me? Besides. You wanted it. You're thirsty for knowledge... someone needs to educate you. You're just not capable... it's all over for you..."


I'm going to the gentlemanly chap and put the reference in this spoiler


変なオッサンたちが暴力に明け暮れるシリアスRPG『LISA』 | PRO スチーマー


The second one...make a picture of fellongmo with this battle interface...please? i beg of you, monsuier @ResettePlayer.

I think if i tried to give the context for this scene it might get flagged. Just look up lisa on steam and you'll get a rough idea.

Edited by Wumpus the 19th
i'm trying to remove the image outside of the spoiler. why is it not working.
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9 hours ago, Sei Bellissima said:

So many excellent arts, this thread is a GIFT

also my bot's now an official member of the server so here's the pfp I drew for it


It "fetches" cards for the server, so just like how a dog fetches a toy I'd thought it would be fun for it to be an AutoDog with cards :P

What server? Haven't heard of one before.

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Sei Bellissima    1046
1 hour ago, AYellowShadeOfB said:

I've been hearing about this discord, can I get an invite from someone?

Apologies for not responding earlier, I just sent you one ^^

6 hours ago, veryrussiancorn said:

someone on discord calls him smoth. i had to make this. give him the lööps.

I can't get over how silly his face is aksjdhahds

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Sei Bellissima    1046
6 hours ago, veryrussiancorn said:

i was supposed to take a break from drawing today. why am i like this. i just wanted to see baby Sal happy. 

huge thanks to @Sei Bellissima for the idea of baby grifters. i love this. i love you.


I KNOW I SAID THIS ON DISCORD BUT THIS IS ADORABLE. My heart is soft thank you so much

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