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I dont got the drawing skills for this, but i do have an idea for a joke comic *ahem*

"Your Feud Citizenry Wealthy Merchant is in trouble and about to die (or however the quote goes)"

Me, A Point Grinder:(Starts running as soon as the notification comes)

Merchant:" Please, I have a family."

Spree Raider: "Tough Luck chump. Cough up the cash o- the hell's that?"

Me:(tramples every bush and shrub in my way) "DONT WORRY BABY MOMMA'S COMIN'. GET AWAY FROM MY CHILD."

make edits where you want, just consider this script. it's the thinking of someone on the ram-shackle leaderboard thread

Edited by Wumpus the 19th
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rabbleborum    8
On 06/08/2019 at 12:08 AM, ResettePlayer said:

I think about Steve a lot.

steve_dramatic_stare_first.thumb.png.7c6b4a76d022c0b8dfeb81b1fd95e880.png steve_dramatic_stare.thumb.png.135819a49699c2017e6163a7930bafd4.png

I think about Smith a fair bit too.


I also think about how @minespatch requested a thing over two weeks ago and I never delivered.




What's been consuming your mind lately?

I LOLed at this!  Nice work!

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ResettePlayer    4985
16 hours ago, Wumpus the 19th said:

remember when he was just memes and #nameconfirmed? those were simpler times apparently

Sits in rocking chair smoking a pipe Aye, those were the days.

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