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[Gameplay] Pig ruins entrance not spawning


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The town is right next to a deep rainforest (which also shouldn't happen normally) and the entrance was not generated, only the tiles surrounding it (on the map above the town, current entrance was spawned via console). The exit was generated appropriately on the right at Wilson's location.

This very same map also has a crash issue with one of the Mant Hill exits (report sent in-game)


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I am also having this issue! It's in a saved game I started yesterday, haven't started another one yet so I don't know if it would happen again.

 - Category: [Gameplay]

 - Platform: Steam

 - Version: I'm not sure which text that is after pressing the backspace button. Is it the Rev. number in the bottom left-hand part of the screen? The three lines there say:

Rev. 347667



 - Mods?: no

 - Issue: Pig Ruins did not spawn (as indicated by Tiraer above)

 - Steps:

1) On main screen click 'Play!', then click on 'New Game' (this wasn't one where I clicked "Try again" right after dying)

2) Select Hamlet (HAM) as the World, and (in my case) Wickerbottom as the character. Then click 'Start.'

 - Describe issue:

World generated as usual, however have explored entire map, found all the other ruins but none are the Pig Ruins leading to the island where the Pig Kingdom is located. (**Note: the ruin entrance found in the jungle in the third screenshot below is topped with an asparagus shape/leads to the island with the Fountain of Youth.)

(In reference to Tiraer's note above about the rainforest biome: The way the biomes spawned near the pig village in my game was a little unusual, but I've experienced similar set-ups in other DS: Hamlet games I've played, and in some of my games there was a rainforest near the village. I don't think that part is a bug, though technically I can't say for sure.)

- Attachments: 1) Map screenshots and 2) logs and useful info for bug reports listed by JanH in a pinned post (except for the MDMP file, for some reason that file location on my laptop did not contain an MDMP file) 


Entire First Island Map.jpg

Jungle 1.jpg

Jungle 2 - Includes Ruins leading to Foundatain of Youth.jpg

Jungle 3.jpg

Jungle 4.jpg



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