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Some Scenarios Force Killing Opponent [Bug]?

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Spelunk    3

One mission I had gone to a camp and there were 2 Spree Thiefs. One named and one generic.

For the first part of the scenario, it matched me against the named Spree. I chose to fight and I won via their surrender.

It followed up with the unnamed Spree coming for revenge, and the fight was the unnamed Spree with the named Spree as backup.


My issue is that the named Spree had only 3HP, with 3DMG required for him to surrender. I made the unnamed Spree surrender, but the named kept fighting unphased, so I had to kill him to end the combat.

Is the game meant to have these combats where you're forced to perform a kill instead of a scenario? I feel like some sort of oversight happened here.




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