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Game freezes and shuts down when using console commands

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humanbean    17
Posted (edited)

This seems to be a new problem for me, with no new addons installed. When I'm fiddling with the console scripts (only deleting and adding things) the game will freeze and I have to force close. The world is actually still going for some reason, because my friend can still play while my side is frozen. 

I'm not sure if I'm using the wrong commands or what, would using Local when I should be using Remote cause things to freeze up and crash? I assume since I'm the host I should be using Remote.

I'm using this command when it happens ConsoleWorldEntityUnderMouse():Remove() but it could be a coincidence. Sometimes I can do several commands then it freezes, sometimes only 1. 

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bizziboi    1,738

I have no idea but if you execute it locally you could be deleting an entity that the server believes to be there and that seems like it might be a bad idea.

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