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Steam: Doesn't remember video settings after starting new game

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Jov    11

I haven't duplicated this bug, but on my first load-up of the Steam version, I set the video settings to full-screen and 1080p. After creating a new world/game the settings had reverted to a lower resolution. I'm not 100% sure that I hit "Apply",though. ;)

Also, it took forever to scroll all the way to 1080p & 60Hz - obviously a minor grievance, but reducing the amount of clicks with separate aspect ratio/refresh rate/resolution drop-downs is always nice.

On 1080p & Full Screen: Yay! I've been wanting a full-screen, higher res version for a while! However, it does look blurry at this resolution. I do hope it will look crisp by the end release - 1080p players everywhere will thank you!

Edit: Nevermind. I can't duplicate the bug; it was probably just me failing to hit 'Apply'.

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