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Some object icons not showing in-game.

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Hello everyone,
I play Don't Starve for years now, before I buy Don't Starve Together. Lately, though, I got a big will to play with my friends, and the hype hit me with all the mods I found in the workshop. Nevermind, my problem is that some icons in-game not showing, one of them, for example, is the rabbits that I catch with the rabbit trap. You can see in my inventory that the rabbit spoilage is showing, but no icon for the rabbit itself at all. I have even tried to download mods, other chars etc, to play with and I noticed that some objects' icons are showing, and some other icons are not showing at all (similar to the rabbit). In the screenshot, I had just deleted the game and installed it again, no mods installed or subscribed to, just a new game.
The confusing part is that ALL the icons are showing on the single-player Don't Starve game. My brother who doesn't have this problem with any of the objects, sent me his whole game folder, I replaced my game folder with his, the game was working just fine, BUT still no icons for some objects. So my guess is that my pc might be missing something (Windows version 1809, same as my brother's). I just updated my graphics card and the issue still occurs. I deactivated my antivirus and firewall completely, the issue is still there. Of course, verified the game's integrity files one thousand times already but always successful without errors.

What could possibly be the problem?!


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