World has too much lag -- What can I do besides starting over?

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EDIT: So I started a new world and there's waaay too many spiders. More than I've ever seen and they're always set on default limit.

I'd like to save this world ideally, so what can I do to get rid of some of these dens? There's too much lag to do it the old fashioned way (smash), and I tried the code:


...which made the den disappear, but for some reason I saw spiders appear out of where the den was.

Are there better console commands to remove or limit the max amount of spiders/dens? Maybe a command to remove twiggy trees and replace with saplings could help too. Thanks!



Hey,  so after I setup my bunny-spider war we've been getting tons of lag. Sometimes we can't even move. We cleared out some spider dens, it helped a bit, but it still lags (even with the bunnies inside during the day).

We have about 20 bunny houses in that one area, and we've had about the same (maybe a bit more) in another world and never experienced this lag. Any idea how to fix this?

I'm also wondering, what are the main factors in PC specs that effect hosting a 2 player world? Thanks!


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