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Change Character speechs/quotes

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Rockou_    4

I'm making a mod to change character quotes.. the Battlecry quotes
the problem is that there is multiple battlecry quote

        GENERIC = "quote1",
        PIG = "quote2",
        PREY = "quote3",
        SPIDER = "quote4",
        SPIDER_WARRIOR = "quote5",
        DEER = "quote6",

how can i change all of them to one single quote? Using the speech_character.lua in scripts doesn't work

EDIT: using GLOBAL.STRINGS.CHARACTERS.character.BATTLECRY = "quote" doesn't work too

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Ultroman    742

Since there are several battle cries, you'll just ruin it if you replace it with a single string. I you want to go about it like that, then you need to set it you be a dictionary, like the one you posted in your snippet. Also, GLOBAL.STRINGS.CHARACTERS.character.BATTLECRY should be GLOBAL.STRINGS.CHARACTERS.CHARACTER_PREFAB_NAME.BATTLECRY where you replace CHARACTER_PREFAB_NAME with your character's prefab name.

That said, you should not need to do that when you're making a character mod. Most character mods have a line similar to this in their master_postinit:

STRINGS.CHARACTERS.GIR = require "speech_gir"

It takes the content of your speech file and saves it to the STRINGS.CHARACTERS. Just replace "GIR" and "gir" with your character's prefab name, in the appropriate casing respectively, but "speech_gir" should be named what your speech file is called.

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