Russian Philin

Several errors in Hamlet.

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Russian Philin    4,658

Dear Klei, today and not only today I observe such phenomenon as looping of music during generation of the world. World creation music plays even when the loading screen is closed and the game starts. Please do something about it.

Well, more problems with houses, but rather the generation of buildings in the game. BWZS285WisA.thumb.jpg.f87ad79bcdca57ff1bbccf1a809c8ab2.jpg

I hope you will see this and fix it. Thank you in advance, dear developers!:wilson_dorky:

And I also found a bug with a friend in Shipwrecked. At the end of the map disappears visual effect of fog. Am asking you, too, fix this bug.


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Russian Philin    4,658

I feel like I'm cursed:wilson_ecstatic:I went into this cave and then I almost died, because I came out of it and I was on the water, but then I was on the ground.Very strange things happen in Hamlet.


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