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Volcano world crash and instakill

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Pandapanda80    18

If a seaworthy is placed in the volcano and there is no seaworthy in the rest of the shipwrecked world, then entering the seaworthy from ROG travels straight to the seaworthy in the volcano. If a hamlet sky worthy is also used in the same shipwrecked world the problems arise. If you travel to ROG with the skyworthy then back to SW with the seaworthy the player will end up in the volcano, if the player tries to leave the volcano they instantly drown because they do not have a boat.

IF the player instead has the same seaworthy and skyworthy setup (seaworthy in volcano and skyworthy elsewhere in SW) but enters the volcano with a boat and tries to use the seaworthy to get to ROG and from ROG uses the skyworthy to get back to main land SW then game will crash as the player will be given the boat on land.

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