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[Crash] Crash at death, RESET EXP lvl

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Crash at death, RESET EXP lvl

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Died to to cold.

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My 1st time through winter, died at day 22.
Death stats popped up, and unresponsive (cannot click try again, regenerate world etc etc)
Force closed the game, and logged back in to be set to lvl 1 (was maxed out exp and characters)

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  • Developer

Hmm...we're aware that some people are getting unresponsive menus, but I've never heard of game progress being lost.Do you have Steam Cloud disabled in your Settings.ini?DISABLING STEAM CLOUD:Some people have reported save/load issues with Steam Cloud. We have added a workaround that will cause the game to save its files in your documents directory instead. To activate this mode,add the following two lines to your "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\dont_starve\settings.ini" file:[sTEAM]DISABLECLOUD = true

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