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Sasuga    96

Hamlet and Shipwrecked added discovery and mystery (as I mentioned in another thread) back into Don't Starve. I love those mods.  However, I've got friends and family that constantly bug me to play DST with them, and I'm bored out of my mind when we play together, and some of them are showing signs of being jaded too.

I was posting in another thread asking for "Underground Only" and just thought of an idea...

In Don't Starve there's the Gateways To Adventure, and there's the DLCs which add new worlds with different bioms.

Could we maybe go deeper in Don't Starve, like Diablo or Subnautica. Have an underground to the underground? And then later you guys could add another underground to that underground?

I could see issues with multiple servers on a person's computer, since each world/level is a new server, but maybe that could be managed by requiring everyone to go down or up together. Heck, maybe even require at least two players to do it, so you have to work as a group to do it or whatever.

In any case, I feel I need something akin to Shipwrecked or Hamlet to keep my interest in DST. I need new things to discover. The new characters are nice and awesome, and I like them, and you should keep that up, keep adding new characters, but please, please, please, add new things to discover.


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DavePlaysDST    1,141

Ruins are in the normal cave BECAUSE of the issue of running multiple servers at once they are normally the caves cave in single player but for performance reasons they changed it for dst. Just an FYI I guess. Glad I’m NOT being helpful again lol.

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