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Abigail Duplicating

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Before I start, I wanted to say that I've already checked on Internet if someone bumped into this bug too, but apparently that was not the case. But, if this is just a repetitive thread, then have my apologies.

It all started when I entered a cave I've opened lots of in-game days ago and I wanted to settle a little base in there to get past Summer. Once I was in, Abigail duplicated: before someone asks, I've never abused once of the glitch where you have to die in the caves with Abigail alive in there in order to get a clone of the ghost. I don't exactly how this happened, but it effectively did.

I immediately took a screenshot when I noticed that.20190621182817_1.thumb.jpg.f0d61e02f2a3c927bb72bec8b472359c.jpg

I won't absolutely complain about having two Abigails in my world but it feels somewhat dishonest to me. Thanks for your attention!

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