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LadyD    3302

People 4get that there are more than they see. We are behind the scenes, approving posts, clearing report queues. Suggesting they make a baby chester pet. The important things... seriously though there is a large number of moderators but its a draining and many of us stopped posting on forums as much. You always have to remember that you are a moderator and what you say people take note of- we have to behave. Which I find very challenging- oh and I also have many things going on in my RL life. 

Don't you- 4get about me

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fimmatek    3913
15 minutes ago, NormalPinkerton said:

How many bullets are there in a revolver?

Depends on how many shots you've already made. 

Anyways, 2*2*2.

Sigh... so many restarts... "Why must everything in life be hard?"

But at least I can now state that in the previous run there were at least 3 edited posts, yet noone complained about that. Not that I mind it too much.

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