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Crystal Kourosh

Fuelweaver & The Forge Themes

Fuelweaver & The Forge Themes  

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  1. 1. After A good listen, do you think that the 4 Themes (Forge In-Game Theme,Forge Main Menu & Fuelweaver's Theme Phases 1&2) Kind of resemble One Another?

    • Yes!
    • No.
    • Yes but only some specific parts resemble Each Other.

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Crystal Kourosh    2631

for the longest time after listening to the forge main menu and in-game theme i thought to myself that Alot of the music it has resembles the Fuelweaver's theme, do you think the same? is my brain convincing these 4 themes are related to each other and I've lost it? what do you Forumers think about all this?

Themes Below :




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kiwikenobi    1104

I think that all of the songs have the pounding, driving kind of beat that battle music tends to have, to energize the player, and in terms of arrangement, some of the instrumentation is similar, but that's most likely to match the general Don't Starve musical style. The songs are similar, but I don't think they're purposely trying to reference one another.

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