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Honey, amongst other things...

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Shadoweangel    12

These ones are pretty small, but I figured I may as well point them out.

If you mouse over your honey in the inventory you may note that it says RMB Ea

Poor Wilson must have been so hungry that he ate the T!

Not certain if the game tracks health values in fractions, but I managed to hit 0 hitpoints and continued on as though nothing happened earlier last night. I was in the darkness, being chased by a Beefalo that I had erroneously attacked when the darkness whacked me right befor eI got a torch off. After murdering the Beefalo and going back to my business I noticed my health value was 0. I took a few more hits with that zero value before I died, so it seemed odd.

Not certain if it's intended to be this way, but I was confused to find that the axe requires one flint and twig, while the razor requires two of each. Seems backwards seeing as all the other tools require two of each, and the razor is so small.

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