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Finnja    109

i was introducing my brother and friend to the game. they ran to dragonfly and neary died. than they barely survived night then webber [my friend] aproached a pig and got smashed. they found revival and he died again. brother found trap base and got tricked by it and died. the end.

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I_Link_I    361

I:Wormwood:run around gathering food and recources.

Friend1:Winona:only colects stone to build walls because he is the "great base builder"

Friend2:Wilson:sits at base waiting for us to bring him food because he is the cheff(aparently he doesn't like Warly?!?!) and he is the only one alowed to Cook.


1.houndwave put them up against tentacles.

Friend1:was in pigvillage and got saved.

Friend2:didnt know what to do,jumped in boat,was followed crashed and dies.*

This has happened 5times in a row,help.

*Edit:with everything edible leacing us 1fist full of jam

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