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Fish Farm/Fish Types Controlling/Percentages

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Dunk Mujunk    29

I'm pretty sure I know the answer to this, but I was hoping there was a trick to controlling what fish types spawned in the fish farms. I'm going for 18 farms, 6 of each type other than the Tropical Fish. It's just gonna be a "harvest 'till empty and restock" grind isn't it?

Also I was wondering if anyone had the percentages for the various fish types. I think I have 12 farms atm, and after stocking them all, then restocking most a few times I've only got 2 of the purple fish (with 1 in the wrong spot :(). A majority became Tropical Fish on the first round of stocking, and a good amount on all restocking.

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FreyaMaluk    4,587
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Hmm you can control the kind of fish by leaving one of the desired type. They reproduce more of said fish so you don't have to start all over again. 

The kind of fish that spawn from a new batch is random... Can't say the spawn rarity value... That's probably a question for data miners

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pe5e    77

The type of fish you get when you stock a fish farm is random though the chance for Tropical Fish is higher than the other fish types.

From the wiki:

  • 50% for Tropical Fish
  • 16.67% for either Purple Groupers, Pierrot Fish, or Neon Quattros
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