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[Gameplay] Time of days is probably wrong


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Time of days is probably wrong

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I was playing adventure started at insanity update. At world 1 day 327 winter update released, I survived 1 winter (which last for 347-362 days) and used portal to move in new world.
New world:
Day 1: Everything is cool, I have 10 sections of day, 4 of dusk and 2 of night.
Day 2, night: Snowing for ~20s, without winter ambient colors, sounds, snow on the ground or whatever.
Day 12: Suddenly, winter starts, and I have 3 sections of day, 8 of dusk and 5 of night
Day unknown - in like a week or two I have normal winter time - 6 sections of day, 6 of dusk and 4 of night
Day 58 - first melting. Still winter, though.
Day 62 - Winter is over, 4 sections of day, 8 dusk, 4 night. Weird configuration
Day 71 - 10 day, 4 dusk, 2 night. I've definately have quit-save-continued game at this day.
Day 72 - Winter, 3 sections of day, 8 of dusk and 5 of night --____--
That doesn't makes sence for me. I'm ok to consider 10 days of summer as hard/adventure mode, but sections of day that increases and decreases between seasons (sections of day: Summer: 10; Winter: 3, 6; Summer: 4; 10; Winter: 3) I consider as bug.
Day 72 after save-quit-restarting: 6-6-4, which means yes, it's bug.

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