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Dynamix_Roxx    160
1 hour ago, IronLobster said:

Hey man, i don't want to be mean, but you should be grateful about the new content they're giving us. This game has been since 2016 (correct me if i'm wrong) and to be honest, the new content (Events/others) they give us are quite nice IMO. They take some time to make their product good, and not mediocre. Moreover, if they're delaying the content it must be for a good reason. They're not slaves, and they, like us, have a life too, so don't be so entitled about it. They're doing their best to keep this community going and you're not helping a lot.

36 minutes ago, Hatano Eichero said:

The audacity and dare I say entitlement in these posts leave me in shock.


1 hour ago, reverentsatyr said:

uuuuhhh... insulting a developer probably won't help your argument.


1 hour ago, Hell-met said:

It's also usually what causes developers to stop interacting with their playerbase.

I've seen it first hand too many times.


The nicest thing I could ask was if they’re delusional. I asked long ago if consoles were getting the release at the same time and months later they’re still mentioning that. I’m here talking about the new content that is not coming. 

I’ve been waiting for “promised”, “estimated”, “motivational” release dates since January now with no release date in site. 

They’re doing their best to keep their game going. They do this by making money. I’m offering them insight to do this and I get credited as not helpful. I offered great insight on how to not disappoint your fans time and time again. I try to be as positive in my criticism as possible while consistently being disapppointed by Klei. The game has been out since 2016 and I’ve never seen any “new content”

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Dynamix_Roxx    160
13 minutes ago, JoeW said:

Sorry. What content is it that you think you are missing? Maybe we have a miscommunication here, because something isn't lining up. 

I’m glad you’re replying to this thread. This is the kind of response the community needs. 

I was excited to return to the game after reading the Don’t Starve Together 2019 road map. After missing two release dates all I’ve experienced is disappointment. I understand you could not release an unfinished product in April nor in June. That is fine. I have no problem waiting for a finished product to be released.

Here is my issue: “Please do not announce any more unrealistic release dates. It is very disappointing.”  


How was mid-April even an estimate at this point?! 

2 minutes ago, FreyaMaluk said:

You are not being positive at all. 

How is calling the other person "delusional" your best attempt at saying something nice? I think you know exactly what you are doing.

I was trying to get a response from anyone at Klei! Public relations. I’m trying to get a positive conversation started to fix the things Klei is doing wrong. 

Have you applied yet to Klei for a public relations manager or social media manager? 

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Dynamix_Roxx    160
1 minute ago, FreyaMaluk said:

Trying to get a response by being insulting isn't helpful. the irony isn't either.

And then you ask why people think your feedback isn't helpful. Try and stay on the factual. 

I asked if Joe was delusional because he replied to my frustration asking me about an issue I asked about two months ago. I was not trying to get a response by being insulting. I was trying to get a response by offering feedback. Try and stay on the factual.

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Dynamix_Roxx    160
4 minutes ago, JoeW said:

I think you're still missing what I am trying to say to you. 

First, you're making an argument that "The game has been out since 2016 and I’ve never seen any “new content”", which is entirely not the case. What you're actually arguing is that in the time you have been playing, YOU haven't seen much new content. This is true and what we are trying to resolve. This was the entire purpose of "Return of Them".

People want to know what we're working on, what we're doing and when they may be able to expect things. So we release roadmaps and information on where we are at regarding all that information. 

We announced in January that content would be coming up in mid-april. We increased the scope of what that content was, significantly and we released it to beta in May maybe I didn't originally get that across very well? 

Then when it hit and we saw people playing it we decided that the level of content for the game wasn't quite what we would feel should be released to the live game. 

Frankly, what you are suggesting means we would have to have A - not increased the scope of our work and B- Release a significantly smaller set of content to the main game. 

What I am trying to communicate to you, is that if we were to choose to do as you are suggesting, the result would be worse for everybody. You would get smaller, much less frequent updates, but they would be on time. 

The vast majority of players have been very positive about waiting for content, it's extremely unlikely that we will do as you are suggesting just so we can have more accurate estimated dates.  


You’re right. We’re on completely different pages. I have almost no issue with anything you mentioned.  I think everything you mentioned is actually great work! I have no problem waiting. I think it’s great you increased the scope size of the update as well. 

My issue was with your release dates. Why do you make these estimates?Just wait to get everything together. I don’t think anyone has a problem waiting for an actual date that is reliable. The problem when you announce a date and miss it is you disappoint your fan base. You could stop disappointing everyone by just not announcing the dates until further along the process. We all love the feedback still. Hearing what’s coming up, seeing what you guys are working on. That’s great work and we all like to see what you’re up to. Don’t stop that. Just don’t say it’s coming out in a few months if it’s not.  

Please be more realistic and reliable with future release dates. Thanks. 

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Dynamix_Roxx    160
1 minute ago, CarlZalph said:

Unfortunately things being planned and what happens is really hard to approximate when it comes to game development cycles.

Things break, parts don't "feel" right and need to be reworked or scrapped, ideas get added in last minute..  It's a jumble.


It's safe to assume with any game patch release date that the time may explode at any time until the thing is released.  The timeframes are like weather forecasts- accurate the first day and then very unreliable for anything more.

They should know this before announcing release dates.

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Dynamix_Roxx    160
Posted (edited)
13 minutes ago, JoeW said:

Sure, that's what I was trying to explain. 

When we give an estimate that is based on what we think at the time given what information we have. However, we don't EVER want to be limited in our creative freedom to provide the best experience we can provide. So for example, if we decide that something would be better if we added a little of this and changed a little of that, that's what we're going to do and missing a date isn't going to be a consideration. (Unless it's a hard date like an E3 demo or something like that)

You don't want a version of Klei that can't change dates. As I tried to explain above. This would mean much less content in a much longer timeframe. It's really as simple as that. 

I think maybe what you are missing is that Klei doesn't do any sort of mandated crunch time. There may be situations where people choose to work over to get something done. But having a date that you cannot change while also getting it as soon as possible doesn't just mean crunch, it means mandated crunch, every time. 


I do really appreciate you replying to my concerns. Thank you.

I wouldn’t want a mandated crunch time. No thanks. 

I think I understand you more now as well. What you could do then would be to leave the release dates open like you did for mid-April. You could’ve used late June. You could’ve said expect to hear more information late June and then tease something. That would be cool. That lets the team have as long as they need. Even if there are setbacks you could say now to expect more information mid-July. Setting an actual date of June 20 was not a good idea. Trying to be realistic about them would help to avoid disappointment as well. 


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