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[DS:Pocket Edition]Blurry in-game textures

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After dowlnoading DS:Pocket edition and DS:Shipwrecked on a new phone I realized that something was off. The UI was fine, the map icons were fine, but all in-game models looked very blurry, almost as if they were loaded in a much smaller size. There were those weird black at the edge of my screen whenever I zoomed in. Also the UI text was too small. This was true for both versions of the game. Curiosly enough this wasn't the case on my old phone, which had either Android 5 or 6.

Phone model : Samsung Galaxy A6

Android version : 9

Manufacturer : Samsung Electronics







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Thank you for reporting this to us. The latest update rolled out for both Don't Starve (1.10) and Don't Starve: Shipwrecked (Ver 1.23) includes a new setting that allows for selecting HD graphics in the game's options screen. 

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