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CaptainChaotica    3,955

Ha!  Okay then.  Good, I don't have to explain that one.  Well, to you anyway.  To anyone else who might be reading this:  The whole little video "feud" started when Tommy McMurtry called Mr. Atheist "a pumpkin, 'cos he's the biggest fruit of all!" Mr. Atheist then GLEEFULLY adopted this, and we're now all his little pumpkin patch.  XD  (And the biggest fruit of all is actually the jackfruit, but being able to call yourself "The Pumpkin King" is way more fun anyway.)  Amusingly, it happens that Shannon Q is one of the main people who tends to show up on Mr. Atheist's group call-in shows so hey, I know her too!

Then the amusement factor goes...WAY down as soon as the "where they belong...six feet under!" stuff starts being said in that church's videos.  I'd use the meme about "I'm not _saying_ Pastor Tommy McMurtry is attracted to pumpkins.  I'm just saying we don't _know_." here, but...what with the death penalty stuff, I'm not feelin' it.   And Pastor Tommy McMurtry isn't the worst of them at all.  Hoo, boy. 

ANYway.  I'm'a shut up now.  I haven't used any actual dirty words, but this board's rules are hella sensitive and I might get in trouble (AGAIN) for even talking _around_ topics of this nature, so...  My main point anyway was that people are being death-threatened, and THAT, is obviously too far.


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Bluegeist    1,042
3 hours ago, CaptainChaotica said:

Well, yeah, that would be why I said "I'm shutting up about this now".  : P


Yes I know, I was directing the message to the general audience, not just you specifically :ghost:

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