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[Gameplay] Return of them - after sinking player acts as a ship (DSTogether)

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Bug Submission

Category: [Gameplay]

Platform: Steam

Mods: No

Version Number: 338375

Issue title: In multiplayer, after being on a ship that sunk, player acts as a ship and can move over water freely. 

Steps to reproduce:
 Not sure if reproducible - steps were:

  • Build a ship, board two players (Wendy with Abi + Woodie)
  • Get hit by wolves
  • Woodie dies, one of the wolves explode and set fire of the ship
  • Ship sinks
  • Wendy now able to run on water freely

Describe your issue 

The ship had an anchor, sail, steering wheel, large endothermic fire (active).

After the bug happened, Wendy was able to walk freely over water, could interact with objects on water (pick up floatings), couldn´t re-enter land.

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