Repeating Seasons? Spring following end of Summer

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Problem: (On Nintendo Switch) My world is stuck on an endless loop of Spring->Summer->Spring->Summer->etc

Has anyone had this problem?

Details: I started this world in Autumn and survived through a full proper year (Autumn->Winter->Spring->Summer). After Summer ended, It immediately started Spring again. Bees and Beefalo were hostile, it rained constantly, and it was near freezing (as if winter had just ended). I decided to stick it out which led me into another Summer. I just now finished that Summer (Day 110), only to discover that all of the bees and beefalo are hostile and it rains constantly. It's friggin Spring again. These are my two least favorite seasons and my very well established base is stuck in an endless loop of them.

I can accept the prospect of giving it up and starting a new world, but I can't help but to worry that I'm going to work hard on building a new settlement just to get stuck in Spring/Summer Purgatory again.

Is there a fix to this? Is there a known cause of this? Is this a known issue that just has a rare enough occurrence that I shouldn't worry about it happening again?

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