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[HAMLET] Do Not Place Walls Inside A House [BUG]

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I started yesterday a new world in Hamlet with Wilba, i got to day 14 or so and I wanted to play more today. As expected, I play some days, I got to day 18 if i remember correctly, I bought myself a nice home, I used the console to spawn some oincs and decorated my house.

S'all good 'till now. While I was inside my house, minding my business, I tried to place some Hay Walls inside, just to hammer them after so that I could get rid of that bulb appearing every time I was near an alchemy engine. Well, a second after I placed these hay walls inside, my character just dissapeard. A few seconds after, the hud disappeared aswell and right after that the screen turned black and I died, gaining the exp. 

In that play I had active the following mods: Minimap HUD, Combined Status, Max Stacks, Health Info, Display Food Values and Extra Slots.

I suspect that there is a bug placing walls inside a house. 
I attached the log file down there. I hope it helps in solving this bug. 


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