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Game Updated, All Missing prefab and can't create hats

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  • Do you use mods?
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    Issue title

    Missing hats, Can't create hat

    Steps to reproduce

    *The steps needed to reproduce the bug*

    Describe your issue

    The character keeps saying "i can't do that" and can't find the prefab through c_spawn or c_give console commands

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bizziboi    1,929

Hi, sorry to hear you're having issues.

In order to better understand the precise issue - could you give me some more details?

- What hat are you trying to spawn?

- What DLC are you using? Is it a Hamlet world, or a regular world, a shipwrecked compatible world?

- Have you verified the game files?

- Could you try if you can spawn the hat in a world without mods?

Thanks :)

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