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[Graphics] Weird flickering lines on animated entities.


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Weird flickering lines on animated entities.

Steps to reproduce

Doesn't happen in all computers!

Play Don't starve in this bad laptop and look at animated entities, then you'll see lines.

Describe your issue

There's this graphic bug i got on my laptop, quick flickering lines appear over characters and some trees while they move. Mostly noticeable on Wilson's forehead and hair area.

It's not very upsetting but visually ugly. I got my graphics settings set to quality and this shouldn't be happening.

Here i caught a screenshots of some dots and lines happening on Wilson. Since they appear and dissapear so quickly and are so thin it was hard to catch the right moment.

Posted Image

My specs are:

HP Pavilion g4

Intel Pentium CPU P6200 2.13 GHz


Windows 7 Starter 32 bits

Intel HD Graphics with 762 MBs of memory.

I haven't seen it happen on my other computer.

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