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[Graphics] Wilson walks away from Maxwell in the intro scene.

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Irontaco    136

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Issue title

Wilson walks away from Maxwell in the intro scene.

Steps to reproduce

Create a new world.

Click ok when the ready to play menu comes up.

Randomly, Wilson will walk away from Maxwell, fall to the ground, then wake up.

Describe your issue

So i was making a new world after dying to the Deerclops (Nice job guys! That thing smashed down my camp then me!), suddenly i see that in the intro scene suddenly Wilson walked away in a random direction away from Maxwell, around half the screen, Maxwell will keep talking and he will turn around too, then after Maxwell's done talking, Wilson will suddenly be on the ground then he will wake up as usual.

I have seen this happen 3 times so far. One was because i spawned where a tree would be, and the others random.

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