Any unknown mechanic to share?

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Cheggf    9449
44 minutes ago, Peyo33 said:

Said time ago but if you lost it..

There is a chance to get the ruins/ancient guardian near the cave entrance if you set the right thing when generating the world.

If you set loop: always and branches: none you have a circular map of the caves and a chance to get the amazing ancient stuff near the entrance of the caves!

It can also happen without altering world generation settings. Sometimes I'll get a sinkhole that has thulecite statues visible on screen without moving and the labyrinth might even be in the next room.

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Peyo33    97
5 hours ago, Cheggf said:

It can also happen without altering world generation settings. Sometimes I'll get a sinkhole that has thulecite statues visible on screen without moving and the labyrinth might even be in the next room.

Yeah but i found this method has very good chances to get near the sinkholes!

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Spino43    1396
2 hours ago, reallychina said:

You can feed kelp to butterflies...


but it KILLS them. wtf game

any food that reduce health will kill butterflies.

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loopuleasa    1998
On 3/17/2022 at 4:44 AM, lakhnish said:

You can jump through wormholes while carrying statues/heavy objects.

Also, a ghost friend can haunt a telelocator staff while you are holding a heavy object and you'll be teleported by the staff (kind of meh now since Wanda exists, but it's a thing you can do!)

Also noticed that with the semi-new Beefalo Bell you can transport your beefalos through wormholes

And of course, riding beefalos doesn't slow you in any way if you carry heavy statues, or if you are in sand storms. Similarly, you are not sped up by roads while on a beef.

On 3/23/2022 at 1:56 AM, Quyzbuk said:

Don't want to make a one-man band? You can also use Pearl's music shells

You can also use beefalo horns early game to charm plants. You can go down to 10% and still make your beefalo hat.

On 3/16/2022 at 8:58 PM, reallychina said:

You can use the Lazy Deserter to quickly and cost free lower sanity to 0 by spam clicking it. Useful for fuel farming if no bone helm and to manage sanity while moon event is active. You can also have one near celestial champion if you are careful to not have it destroyed.

Lazy Deserter is also great to carry with you prototyped, as destroying one only requires some basic mats to relocate (just an extra board or cut stone afair). You can have all your friends have pre-prototyped deserters late game so you can jump between each other whenever you want for 4 logs or 4 stone (whichever the difference was)

On 1/11/2022 at 9:17 AM, Owlrust said:

I just spent the last few days going through the last 48 pages of this thread and compiled (most of) every unknown mechanic

Also available in Notepad form, in case you want to add to it on your own terms:

Unknown mechanics.txt 72.57 kB · 18 downloads


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  • If you feed a pig x4 monster meat and kill it, you get 2x meat and 1x pig skin; two out of three ingredients to
    prototype hambat, also, you can repeat the process to get pig skin without destroying pig houses.
  • If Maxwell summons 2 duelests and one farming minion, he will be permanently insane. Great for nightmare fuel farming
  • A straw roll when used as fuel lasts longer then the sum of its parts.
  • Thermal stones can be repaired with a sewing kit.
  • Lightbulbs can be turned into poop via werepig. Great if you for some reason need 200 poop real fast(or burn them for ash).
  • Down in the ruins, use rooks to destroy broken clockwork mounds. If a clockwork spawns from its destruction, it will be
    aggro towards whatever destroyed the mound.
  • Extra adorable lavae can be brought into the caves, and can be wrapped up in a bundling wrap to be used for later. They
    also gain 20 health every time they consume ashes so you don't have to worry all that much about their health slowly
    depleting over time.
  • Chester will almost always spawn in one of two places. The end of the brick road on grass turf around several ponds and
    sometimes several moles. (If the brick road goes to pig king he will still likely be near the several ponds on grass turf)
    On the rare occasion that the group of ponds do not spawn then Chester will spawn on swamp land instead.
  • Hutch will pretty much always spawn on the outskirts of the deep caves on one of the branching paths that is populated
    by several slurtle holes.
  • The forest stalker counts as an epic boss despite not having a way to do damage. Because of this it will drop 8 souls
    for Wortox which can be easily gained at least once every single night if the atrium and 8 fossil pieces have been acquired.
  • If you use a tallbird egg to make bacon and eggs you can use 2 monster meat, 1 tallbird egg, and 1 stick for guaranteed
    bacon and eggs. This works because the bacon and eggs recipe doesn't exclude sticks while monster lasagna does exclude
    sticks. It just needs a value of 2 eggs and 2 meat. Tallbird eggs count as 2 eggs so the extra space can have the stick in it.
  • Eel can be traded to the pig king for 5 gold. Bunny puffs can be traded to the pig king for 2 gold nuggets.
  • Wolfgang can singlehandedly knock scales off of the Dragonfly while mighty with a dark sword.
  • If you need to feed a bird during the night, take it out of the birdcage and place it back in. It will be awake enough for
    you to feed it 4-6 times before it sleeps again. Then repeat the process as desired.
  • If you have two telelocator focus set up in a world, and If you stand in the center of one of said Telelocator Focus, when
    you use the Telelocator Staff to teleport yourself, you won't teleport to the focus you're currently under. Instead, you
    will teleport to the opposite Telelocator Focus.
  • You can give an egg to antlion for a desert stone.
  • You can deconstruct your pan flute after use it for hunting down dragonfly. That would drop 1 mandrake.
  • Every summer the oasis lake make 3 new fireflies.
  • 2 lichen plus 2 monster meat wild yield 50% either monster lasagna or chilli.
  • Merms are only aggressive when you go next to there houses. If you want you can stand right next to a merm if he is
    far from his house.
  • Build a campfire next to a puddle / ice rock to delete it entirely
  • Over feeding a beefalo gives free rot.
  • Use a hammer attack to stun and catch moles alive.
  • The most efficient you can get with Meaty Stew is 2 morsels, 1 monster meat, and a meat.
  • Spiky Bushes grow during winter and need no fertilizer.
  • Equip an armor while carrying a sculpture to drop it in exact place where you are.
  • Capture butterflies or bees (preferably bees as they stack to 20) as wortox for portable souls. Killing them in your
    inventory still nets you a soul and can be kept alive with seeds. Great for boss fights.
  • Eyeplants can't spawn on crafted flooring, green and red fungal turf, sandy turf, cave rock turf, or rocky turf
  • If you don't want to dig up your surface rocky biome, rocky turfs can span in the caves.
  • You can toss (some) items through wormholes.
  • Moleworms die when they grab gunpowder.
  • Cooked corn restores less hunger.
  • Use buckets o' poop to fertilize more efficiently.
  • Dig up poisonous birchnut stumps for another living log.
  • Poisonous birchnuts are most common in Autumn.
  • Cooking a live animal over a fire always yields the meat without gaining naughtiness (morsels for birds, monster meat
    for beardlings).
  • If you stay near the portal/in the light radius spawned when you join an existing world, your temperature will not
    go below 10 or above 60 degrees
  • The Florid Postern will spawn resources around if it there aren't any nearby, but only in endless mode
  • Crafting a scaled flooring and then using a deconstruction staff on each flooring tile will give you 6 scales for the price of 1.
  • No ice? Fill the mosquito sack in ponds to make water balloons.


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  • The punch animation takes longer to hit than when the hand slot is equipped with something so when you want to command followers to attack without your target aggroing you, safer to unequip  whatever you’re holding.
  • More people on screen area = more butterflys will spawn
  • You can do the moon event and leave the staff in the moon socket. It will give infinite light and coolness. You can build 2
    scale furnace on each side and it will create a zone that you never suffer from ANY of the temperature effect.
  • Koalefant have the herd mentality meaning that if you attack one they will all aggro on you. Usefull against hounds if
    you manage to put a certain number of koalefant in the same zone.
  • Bunnymen will aggro on you if you attack pigmen.
  • Red/Blue birds give twice as much naughtiness as crows.
  • Hammering pig heads on full moon grants nightmare fuel
  •  You can shovel up the Spiky Bushes which will yield any twigs they have grown, and will not damage you, and then replant them
    immediately after.
  • Beeswill still produce honey if you're far away for long enough, even during winter. This also works in caves.
  • You can make fishsticks with 2 monster meat, a fish and a stick, since monster lasagna cannot contain sticks.
  • You can convert pinecones into twigs by planting them and digging them with a shovel.
  • By the way, Cave Mushtrees will seasonally spawn Spores, which can be caught with a Bug Net and planted on Mushroom Planters.
    The spores last 15 days on a player's inventory, and yield up to 6 corresponding Mushrooms when planted. Just remember the
    season colour to know which ones are spawning: "Winter is Blue, Spring is Green, Summer is Red".
  • You can give bunnyman or pigman headslot item, they will equip it and drop upon death
  • Hot thermal stone gives u light to be able to run at night
  • Smoldering objects (either due to summer or nearby fires) give off a small light radius in addition to the small particle
    effect and sound. The light isn't enough to keep away Charlie, but it is visible at night.
  • Easily pacify treeguards by having them either kill bees or eyeplants. If it's winter, you can also do the legit method:
    planting pinecones near it till it is calmed.
  • Have a pond biome (between 6 and 12 ponds) near each other ? Put some pig house, and the pigs will aggro all the frogs
    during day so you can easily travel accross. Also, free meat and pig skin sometimes, and frog legs.
  • If you have a Thulecite Medallion in your inventory, not only will you see where the Ancient Key is (in case you misplaced it), you'll also see where the Ancient Guardian is (if it's still alive).
  • Only two nightmare creatures can spawn per player at any time, unless the purple amulet / bone helm is being used. You can
    actually unload the two nightmare creatures linked to you by either running far enough away from them without them despawning,
    or using a wormhole/tele staff to quickly get away.
  • You can use Bearger for tree farming and place powdercakes on boats to keep them distracted until you need them again.
  • You can light carrats on fire if you’re hungry on the lunar lsland.
  • As wig you can hit snurtles with a cane and get full hp and full sanity
  • You can hit a snurtle mound with firestaff and then use ice staff to make the fire out. this way the snurtles come
    out but the mound doesnt loose health. you can also heal a snurtle mount with healing salve
  • Haunt mushrooms as a ghost to change the mushroom type.
  • Koalefants and Beefalo don't need a full wall for their pens, you can leave every second space free and they can't escape.
  • Don't set up the regular campfire on boats, it can trigger smoldering effects.
  • You can hit Crawling Horrors and Terrorbeaks before they bite, long as you cancel your attack at the right time. 
  • Wortox's souls can heal BERNIE.
  • Planted bulbs have the highest priority when comes to smoldering. Game checks for it in a radius similar to lighting rod
    (almost two screens) which is a lot more than flingo. You can fake-extend the radius of flingo by placing bulb next to it.
    Whenever something is about to smoulder withing two screens of bulb, it will be bulb, and the flingo will extinguish it.
  • During summer wildfires does not happen in night
  • Everyone who has compass equipped can see other players with equipped compass on the map.
  • You don't have to use mouse to interact with items or move around the map. Use WSAD keys to move, Q and E to rotate camera,
    and SPACE to pickup nearby items or use tool on object like an axe on tree. You can use F key to attack hostile mobs,
    you can also hold it, use F with CTRL to force an attack on neutral mobs like butterfly.
  • Pengulls spawn during winter by walking close the map edge. They will jump out of the ocean and wander towards their icy nest.
    They will destroy every wall on their way and eat meat lying on the floor including deerclops eyeball and ancient guradin horn.
  • You can eat gloomers goop to replenish 40 health and decrease sanity by 50
  • Fences can be destroyed by attacking.
  • If you kill a mob before they finished eating, they will drop the food that they were eating
  • You can look at a birdcage and see if the bird is hungry or not. If the bird leans to the front, that means it's hungry
  • Wigfrid's damage reduction also applies for fire damage
  • Gnawing a Giantic Bee Hive as Woodie gives ridiculously more honey/combs due to the fact that woodie's gnawing is less
    efficient at activating the queen, meaning he can gnaw it much more times resulting in it dropping far more honeys than
    with a normal hammer.
  • Use Spiderhat to walk freely on webs in the labyrinth.


  Reveal hidden contents
  • Wetness can cool you down quite a bit. In summer you could toss a water balloon on yourself for a quick bit of cooling.
    You can also intentionally splash yourself with an oar when on a boat to quickly reach 100% wetness.
    - The fashion melon also has a cooling effect of 55° and the ice cube has a cooling effect of 40°. This means that you
    can actually start cooling down (slowly) while wearing these hats, especially if combined with chest insulation
    such as the floral shirt.
    - Crows spawn on every turf except for grass turf. Redbirds and snowbirds spawn only on grass, savanna and forest turf.
    Canaries replace some crows (but not all) near a scarecrow. This means that canaries won't spawn on grass turf.
    In clear weather, birds spawn every 5-15 seconds, with a cap of 4 for each player. Wearing a feather hat changes the
    spawn rate to every 2-10 seconds and increases the bird cap to 7. During rain, birds will spawn more frequently
    (four times to be exact). Without a feather hat, birds will spawn every 1.25-3.75 seconds. With a feather hat,
    birds will spawn every 0.5-2.5 seconds.
  • Armor in DST will protect from the full amount of damage even if the durability wasn’t enough to usually do it.
    For example, taking a hit from bearger with a 3-4% durability football helmet will reduce the damage to 20,
    even if the armor wasn’t nearly strong enough to do it.
  • Released fireflies remain in the same place at night.
  • [By "Electroely"] Some foods in the game can raise or lower your temperature for a specific amount of time. These foods are:
      + Stuffed Eggplant - 5 seconds
      + Honey Ham- 10 seconds
      + Dragonpie - 10 seconds
      + Kabobs - 15 seconds
      + Turkey Dinner - 10 seconds
      + Spicy Chili - 15 seconds
      + Stuffed Pepper Poppers - 15 seconds
      + Hot Dragon Chili Salad - 300 seconds
      + Anything with chili flakes - 15 seconds
      + Soothing Tea - 5 seconds
      + Figkabab - 15 seconds
      + Figgy Frogwich - 15 seconds
      + Apple Cider / Hot Cocoa (Winter's Feast) - 15 seconds
      + Fruit Medley - 5 seconds
      + Ice Cream - 15 seconds
      + Melonsicle - 10 seconds
      + Banana Pop - 10 seconds
      + Ceviche - 15 seconds
      + Ice- 7.5 seconds
      + Watermelon - 5 seconds
      + Asparagazpacho - 300 seconds
      + Heavenly Eggnog (Winter's Feast) - 15 seconds
    They increase your temperature for the duration stated above. It's kind of like over-time temperature
    regeneration. They all give temperature at the same rate (a rate which I haven't found out yet),
    so how much temperature you get from each of them depends entirely on their duration. Hot Dragon
    Chili Salad and Asparagazpacho have a duration of 5 minutes, meaning you get this over-time temperature
    regeneration effect for 5 minutes, effectively making you immune to freezing or overheating for that duration
    (you still have very high / very low temperature whenever they're done, so they prevent freezing/overheating
    for way longer than 5 minutes, depending on what insulating gear you wear when they're done). A mechanic
    that accompanies food temperature is food chilling. All hot foods (except Hot Dragon Chili Salad,
    food with Chili Flakes and anything that has no spoilage, such as Winter's Feast foods) will gain "chill" over time
    after being harvested from the Crockpot as long as the world's temperature is below 65 (as in, basically all the time
    except during summer), decreasing how effective their heating effect is until it doesn't exist anymore. Food gains chill
    four times as fast if stored in an icebox. You can prevent chill, however, by storing the food in Warly's Chef Pouch
    or the Insulated Pack.
  • You can use gunpowder or slurtle slime to blow up 100+ stone fruit by individually placing them on ground
    (stacked doesn't work).
  • If you really need to sleep now, but it is daytime, make a tent in caves
  • If you spam click on trees or stones when mining or chipping you will do it faster because you animation cancel
  • You can place Winter's Feast lights inside Hutch to power his light and transformations.
  • Mactusk has a melee attack which he rarely uses.
  • If you want crumpled packages to drop more blueprints, don't learn the blueprints. The game checks what you have
    learned when opening them
  • You can stunlock snurtles with whips, yielding consistent damage because they don't go in their shell
  • To pick honey without angering bees, light bee box on fire with flingo in range
  • Anenemies do damage even when unloaded, 60 once per minute, 480 per day. You can place one on top of ancient guardian
    resting place and he dies in 20 days
  • Buying/Weaving Chest skins can help you organize your chests better.
  • If varg is trapped, hounds don't go far from them, they are limited by range, hence they are safe
  • You can use statues or fossil fragments to make proper walls that keep mobs stuck and breaks their pathing, and they run forever. In a pinch, you can make a sign as a budget pathing enabler.
  • Moslings can charge WX with lightnings if momma moose is dead
  • Stone fruit bushes that sprout from saplings do not need fertilizing, since they are considered original sprout,
    not a replant. However if you dig those bushes up and replant them, you will need to fertilize them as well.
  • Life giving amulets do not lose durability while equipped if you are at full health.
  • The way to demolish tier 3 spider nest during a day without any armor - using spider queen hat.
    Equip it and hit the nest. The remained spiders  jump out from the nest will immediately become your side
    and join your demolition, attack the nest till it'll be destroyed. Recommend to Webber users.
  • Armor durability doesn't decrease when riding on a beefalo.
  • In the event you do have the crown produce a force field that you don’t want due to using more durability then normal,
    you can quickly unequip and reequip the crown. Doing so cancels the force field.
  • Warly's honey seasoning effect can also be applied to stone fruits.
  • Plant lureplants near Moose/Goose nests but at a far enough distance to keep momma from killing them.
    The eyeplants will kill the moslings occasionally (more with some help), and you can just kill the bulb
    to get a ton of feathers and meat without any fight.
  • If you are a tile and a half near the Shadow Thurible, the ancient fuelweaver won't hit you with bone cage
    but the fossil spikes.
  • On top of meat, Wigfrid can eat any foods that are internally labled "Goodies". This includes Jellybeans,
    Taffy, Volt Goat Chaud-Froid, Frozen Banana Daiquiri, and Mushy Cake.
  • Internally, Ice Cream and Waffles are considered to be vegetable dishes.
  • For Woodie, to transform in a specific form at full moon, eat an idol before it starts,
    and you will keep the long duration
  • For Woodie, if you are starving as Woodie, you can change in a were form, and the were meter will double as hunger
  • Some turfs have higher preference than others, which means that they will overlap other turfs when placed next to
    each other.
  • Rejoin lights follow boats if you rejoined server on a boat.
  • There are 3 ways to command your character to catch an incoming boomerang: Press your action key as soon as
    the boomerang returns. press LMB on the returning boomerang, or press RMB on yourself as soon as the boomerang returns
  • Wigfrid regenerates health/sanity twice when using a blowdart. Once when it's fired, once when it's landed.
    If you get only one instance of regeneration, then the projectile has missed.
  • You can haunt blueprints to get another blueprint, just like mushrooms. If you're lucky, you'll get some good
    blueprints by haunting useless ones that you find from tumbleweeds. These are in the same crafting tab though.
  • You can gently drop items at the edge of the sea, and those who don't float are removed from the game,
    acting like a sort of free trash can.
  • Electrified goats give off heat.
  • If you were a little slow getting to the ruins and couldn't manage it before winter you can keep warm without wasting
    or needing to bring as much materials using hutch. Just smack him with a torch and warm up while he burns.
    He will heal off the damage quickly. The same applies with chester but its usually not an issue staying warm above ground.
  • 2x monster meats and 2x eggs in a crockpot have a 50/50 chance of being bacon and eggs, or monster lasagna.
  • Dropping a poisoned canary ( a canary that is kept in a cage at caves ) on surface will set it free
    while also dropping 6 saffron feathers. One might leave some canaries in caves and do this every few days
    for some guaranteed feathers. You can drop it right by a bird trap so the canary freed will be caught again immediately.
  • The dwarf star ( made by star caller's staff ) gives heat, sanity, light, and you can also cook on it.
    It also burns any nearby objects just like a roaring campfire, including backpacks. Many new players that don't know this
    accidentally start a fire, mostly on their own stuff.


  Reveal hidden contents
  • Monster characters can befriend bunnymen if you use a one-man band to make them friendly for a few seconds
    and then feeding them. But it seems that bunnymen's aggro range to monsters is bigger than one-man band's range,
    so you need to un-aggro them(bush hat is pretty good for this) or get close to them before they get aggro'd.
    When your target(s) stops trying to murder you just feed them some carrots and they will be your new slave(s),
    remember to unequip the one-man band to not waste durability.
  • Using a deconstruction staff on an object that includes a gem, will not yield any gem. For example, deconstructing
    an icestaff will only yield a spear, and deconstructing a purple gem will yield nothing. This was implemented to prevent
    generating endless materials forever, since you can deconstruct another deconstruction staff and mass produce gems.
  • You can force feed pig guards between their attacks and they'll turn into werepigs just the same.
  • Dropping fireflies on a boat keeps them on the boat and not the spot where they were dropped.
    If that boat sinks the fireflies instantly die and disappear.
  • You can stun Klaus' Gem Deer using the staff opposite of its element (e.g. stun Red Gem Deer with Ice Staff,
    Blue Gem Deer with Fire Staff). Stops Klaus's casting animation depending on the deer.
  • Feed Red caps to anything in your inventory to "murder" them without naughtiness.
  • You can wear a Costume Collection skin item in any slot to get extra candy from Pig King. The game generates a random
    number from 0 to 4, and adds 2 to that. So the lowest amount of extra candy you can get is 2, and the highest is 6
  • Oasis is usually near dense bee-area or rockyland encasing forest. one part of the rockyland in the rockyland-forest
    is spider-infested. Tumbleweed dessert is usually near pig king. If there's a big rockyland, there wont be a triple
    mactusk in the world, and if there's a triple mactusk in the world, there wont be any big rockyland. If there's not
    a big rockyland in the world, there will be the rockyland-encased forest. It's common to find 1 wormhole and 1 sinkhole
    in the pig king forest (not guaranteed), and the same applies to big swamp. There's always a big swamp, with the chance
    of a small swamp that is part of the Pig Village Forest which is an optional biome that doesn't always generate.
    The mandrakes is always in a grassland in a forest. In the mandrake forest there's always a small savannah with beefalo.
  • Here's the list of biomes that are not guaranteed: Second pig village, Spider quarry, Killer bee biome,
    Second meteor field biome, Triple mactusk, Second decidious, Rocky biome, Triple moose-goose biome,
    "Magic meadow" (A biome with a bunch of ponds), and "Frogs and bugs" (Another biome with a bunch of ponds).
    In total, that's 10 optional biomes, and the game randomly chooses 5 of them,
    which means each have a 50% chance of appearing.
  • Pigs are neutral to Wurt and other Merms if they're wearing a Clever Disguise. Wurt still won't befriend pigs, though.
  • You can convert grass into twigs: make fence, place fence, destroy the fence. 6 fence costs 1 rope (3 grass) and 3 twigs.
    When you place the 6 fence, and destroy it, you get 1 twig for each fence.
  • The amount of stonefruit you can break open directly correlates with your mining strength.
    I'm not sure how many methods there are to demonstrate this, but the easiest way to do so is to mine them with
    the Honey Crystal effect added. Doing so will result in mining 2 stone fruit at a time instead of 1.
  • A reed trap is more than capable of killing the shadow pieces so long as the bishop is either the first
    or the second to die.
  • Birds have a 0% chance of leaving behind seeds when you spook them while you have seeds in your inventory.
    drop your seeds at least two tiles away from a bird before spooking it if you want a lot of seeds for whatever reason.
  • Chopping webbed mushtrees triggers regular spider dens.
  • Using hammer on burning deployed portable cookware (crock pot, grinding mill and seasoning station)
    will extinguish them (and dismantle as well).
  • Pigs are a good compass. They run towards the closest piece of mainland while on a boat.
  • Due to their buggy AI, homeless Mosquitos always fly towards 0,0 and settle there. So catching 2 Mosquitos on the surface
    and releasing both of them will make one homeless which will lead you to the center of the map. That can make finding the moon
    easier since in most cases it spawns on the area where you explored the least. Or you can catch just 1 Mosquito on the surface,
    move it to the caves and release it there to find the mud biome & the ruins as fast as possible.
  • Lureplants are the best source of food for boat trips. Each cooked leafy meat provides 18,75 hunger points,
    4 of those provide 75 hunger points (daily hunger). Lureplant itself regrows leafy meat in 2 game days unless it's winter.
    That means 8 lureplants are capable of keeping one player with default hunger drain fed if he manages to collect leafy meat
    exactly every 2 days (I'd plant few extra lureplants for more loose timing). What makes lureplants stand out of the crowd
    is their ability to be planted on the boat and their 0 deployment restriction - that means you can plant them as close
    to each other as your mouse allows you to.
  • 1 gunpowder explosion can break open 10 Stone Fruit (More than 1x Gunpowder will burn your Stone Fruits), the rest will
    merely get booped a small distance away. Meanwhile, Snurtle Slime explosions can only break open 2 fruit per slime.
  • Maxwell's Shadows (automatically) or Wurt's Merms (if commanded) can break open Stone Fruits,
    but the Merm will start eating all the Stone Fruits if you're too far away. 1 use of a Weather Pain has a chance to break
    open 40 Stone Fruits, if you're lucky enough.
  • Gift Wraps/Bundling Wraps can be used to compactify storage containers like chests. For example, you can make single chest
    hold 36 slots of items instead of usual 9 if you wrap intended contents first. Pretty useful for stuff that is farmed
    in huge amount and then slowly spent like minerals or silk.
  • Heavenly Eggnog (Winter's Feast) has a meat foodtype and can be converted to eggs from birds in a birdcage. Eternal Fruitcake,
    Plum Pudding, and Apple Cider have a veggie foodtype.
  • Winter's Feast trees stay at their maximum growth stage once grown and can't turn into treeguards.
  • While Ice staves are usually used for their freezing and firefighting capacity (and are quite taxing to use in the former
    while outclassed by the Luxury Fan in the latter) they're much better used to aggro mobs, esp. hunt animals you not want to kill
    as their projectile does 0 damage.
  • You can bundle wrap four warm thermal stones in winter and whenever you get cold take them out, overheat yourself,
    apply winter clothing and re-bundle the stones. They stay warm while bundled.
  • If a tentacle targets Abby first, then you can continuously attack the tentacle without fear of it changing targets,
    it will continue to attack Abby until she dies.
  • Abby also makes Wendy one of the best tentacle pillar killers. Just have Abby standing as close to you as possible
    before you start attacking the tentacle pillar, and Abby should kill all of the baby tentacles around you.
  • The Antlion has no way of damaging Abigail, the sandspikes do not hurt her. This means the damage elixir is
    very useful for the fight.
  • The graves in the labyrinth where the ancient guardian spawns can spawn pipspooks. This plus the glands given from
    dangling depth dwellers allows you to make both the healing elixirs.
  • Switching characters via moon portal resets touch stone usage.
  • You can block giants with unharvested cactus + stagehand and safely kill them with catapults.
  • You can use a Construction Amulet on Bottle Exchange Tab items to reduce their price.
  • One use of a sewing kit always adds roughly 5 days to an item's lifespan (with some exceptions like Bernie and
    Thermal Stones).
  • Twigs are a surprisingly good boat repair tool if you're not in combat. They heal 13 hp whereas boat patches heal 50;
    4 twigs is definitely easier to get than 4 logs + 2 bee stingers.
  • If you haunt the hounds that belong to wee tusk and it transforms, it will not recognize its master and just charge stupidly
    to the walrus camp. If Wee tusk sees he is missing a hound and goes for the attack, he will spawn new hounds.
    So basically you can spawn multiple hounds just by haunting weetusk hounds.
  • Poop shot is very good for killing bishops if you can time it right. It will cancel their attack if you hit them
    during their charge. Spam shooting poop so that their first attack does not hit you. Then follow up with 6 attacks >
    poop shot, and repeat until dead.
  • Walter can't summon critters from a rock den because of Woby.
  • A new earthquake happens 1-3 days after the last earthquake, or in other words: 480-1440 seconds after the last earthquake.
    Slurtle Slime (50 damage), Gunpowder (200 damage), or Slurtles (300 damage) will reduce the time of next earthquake
    by the amount of damage caused with the stack of explosives in seconds, for example: 3x Slurtle Slime will trigger
    the next earthquake 3*50 = 150 seconds earlier. Here's roughly how many explosives you need (min - max) to trigger
    an earthquake:Slurtle Slime: (9.6 - 28.8),(Gunpowder: 2.4 - 7.2), (Slurtles: 1.6 - 4.8).
  • Walter doesn't take extra damage from bees (including the Bee Queen) while hiding inside Snurtle Shell Armor;
    he also doesn't lose sanity either because he hasn't taken any damage period.


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  • Walter does not lose sanity from wearing spiderhats, so you can start spiderwars like a webber,
    by wearing a spiderhat and shooting an empty slinghsot, for (almost, considering the hat) free cost.
  • Feeding a carrot to a bunny, then just holding control+f with an empty slingshot equipped,
    will make all bunnies around you kill eachother and never target you (so long you dont have meat in your inventory)
  • Woodie's Moose form can't be targeted by the ewecus snot attack.
  • If your boat breaks and you have sculptures, suspicious marble, celestial altar pieces, cave-in boulders, and etc on it,
    they will sink to the bottom and appear as "underwater salvageable" that can be fished out with a pinchin' winch.
  • Rabbits and butterflies can be fed with glow berries (normal and lesser) and glow berry mousse to emit light like player does.
    Backpack with rabbit or butterfly fed with glow berries can act like a dropped lantern. This can be handy since that allows you
    to both equip body slot armor and drop a lantern at the same time. Lesser glow berries provide light for 1 minute (1/8 of a day),
    normal ones for 4 minutes (1/2 of a day) and glowberry mousse for 16 minutes (2 days).
  • Willow's perk that increases how much fuel a fire gets from flammables also applies to night lights.
  • The Weremoose takes 90% less damage from all sources; meaning that if he were freezing, overheating, or even starving
    (doesn't apply in were-form), the rate of health loss would be reduced from -1.25 health/second to -.125 health/second
    (pretty good if you are unfortunate enough to be caught without warmth or cold on your way back to base).
  • It would help to extend the Moose form by placing random fences in areas you frequent so that you can punch them
    on your way back if needed.
  • Any Bee from a Bee Mine behaves as "Hiveless Bees", meaning that if you were to set one off in the middle of your bee box farm
    they would plant their own flowers over time; furthermore you can essentially "package" bees for when you need them later
    using this method as the Bee Boxes will replenish themselves of bees after some time (essentially duplicating the bees).
  • Any follower wearing a Funcap will have their hunger rate reduced by 25% as well, allowing you to recruit them for
    (essentially) 25% longer. This is best used with Wurt as Merms have a variety more uses and do not flee / sleep in the process,
    making total recruitment for a maxed out hunger meter last roughly 3.75 days instead of 3 normally.
  • Spider Warriors can be caught in a Rabbit Trap for (essentially) an insta-kill.
  • You can use deconstruction staff on spider eggs to get lots of silk, glands and papyrus. You don't need to be Webber.
  • Rockjaws are also aggressive toward animals on land, so they may get stuck on the edge of water and land.
  • Cheap to craft and relatively useless Pretty Parasol can be given to Hermit Crab instead of Umbrella during the rain
    to unlock Umbrella task.
  • Hermit Crab house can be surrounded with walls to keep the Crabby Hermit outside all the time.
  • At least 4 (3 if you store them in insulated pack, 2 if you are playing as wurt) sunfishes (summer's seasonal fish)
    can be used in conjunction to tin fishin bin to keep you warm on the boat cost-free. When the fish is about to die,
    swap it with another sunfish, preferably the one that has the lowest spoilage. Additionally, sunfishes emits light
    when dropped on the ground like a charged thermal stone (enough to keep charlie away) and also dries you up.
    Be careful as after like 3-4 seconds sunfish will cause stuff around to smolder, so pick them up periodically to avoid fires.
    Ice Breams (winter's seasonal fish) can be used to prevent overheating in summer, but it's not that useful due to
    ice box loaded with thermal stones being able to do exactly the same thing.
  • Masts only block placement of other masts, which means you can build other stuff right on top of them. This, however,
    is only useful for structures without collision box or with a very small one, otherwise the mast will become unreachable.
    I mostly use that feature to both have a mast and an unskinned mushlight at the exact center of the boat.
    If you have a second mast or don't have mushlight unlocked yet, you may consider building ocuvigil on top of mast too.
    (I prefer unskinned mushlight to skinned one or glowcap due to smaller hitbox and very rare occasions of accidentally
    interacting with it instead of the mast)
  • Use a Friendly Scarecrow in an area where crows usually spawn as it will replace them with Canaries.
    Canaries will almost always drop morsels (a 91% drop rate! compared to the average 50% from any other birds)
    and have similar naughtiness points as redbirds.
  • Woodie can avoid the full moon curse by using the berry bush hat or Snurtle shell and wait till full moon ended.
    He also can tell the difference between glow berries and depths worms (different quotes).
  • Spiders are aggroed by Glommer but can’t successfully attack it.
  • Hounds will not spawn when you are on a boat before the warning indication begins.
  • If you spare Klaus´s gem deers, those will never grow antlers, and will not create a herd.
  • Crabking is the only boss that cannot attack you directly, so using any armor is useless,
    on the other hand using a warming piece of clothing may help against it´s freezing attack.
  • Hounds spawned by a varg are not hostile to the player by default, they will only attack if the varg targets you.
    The hounds will always try to stay next to the varg.
  • You should always burn a spiky tree before chopping it. A burnt spiky tree has the exact same drops as a normal one,
    but it also gives charcoal.
  • I don't know if it was posted before, but if a flingo freezes a Treeguard, he will lose interest in fighting after unfreezing.
    He may even aid you in any hound/ boss attack.
  • Destroying a Wooden Gate will return enough ingredients to be able to make another one immediately.
    They're pretty useful for the Weremoose to help prolong its duration without truly losing anything.
  • Riding Woby negates the slowing effect of the sandstorm. So as Walter, keep your Woby fed during summer until you get the goggles,
    and you will not die to the first summer hound wave that visits your oasis base.
  • To go for a long walk with a Bearger, have a honeycomb in your inventory and drop something he'll eat.
    Pick up the food after he sees it. He will follow you across the entire Constant until you drop the honeycomb.
    He will not eat the honeycomb.
  • A houndious shootius in a boat it's potentially the best place for a movable turret.
  • Ancient Fuel Weaver can be deactivate by removing the Ancient Key inside the Gateway, even when mid-fight,
    it could be life-saving when players messed up and can not win the boss. Wortox can use this to farm -
    Ancient Fuel Weaver despawn still drops 8 souls.
  • Tamed beefalo can't jump off a boat on their own. If you need your beef to stay in one place,
    just jump on one of your Bridges and come back for it later.
  • Wigfrid can abuse the merm king to farm inspiration, however, it is easy to accidentally kill him, so be careful.
  • You can befriend 9 extra rock lobsters with one rock as Walter by crafting 10 pebbles with the one rock.
    And then you can feed those 10 pebbles to rock lobsters. Also, Slurtles and Snurtles produce one slime for every 6
    hunger points they gain. Rocks will feed them by one hunger point. But as Walter you could instead craft 10
    pebbles with the one rock, pebbles are worth one hunger point each. So you turned one hunger point into 10
    hunger points with Walter.
  • While you are covered in Ewecus's spit, your bone armour does not protect you from damage.
  • Killing crab king before starting pearl's quest can be beneficial,
    since the trident can be used to much more efficiently catch fish for pearl.
  • Gobblers don't run away from frogs even when attacked by them, and frogs do get hostile if they move close enough.
    So if you get a gobbler when picking berries at ponds, just scare them near the frogs.
  • Rocks have three different ground sprites, for some reason. Even weirder,
    a single rock will remember what sprite it has if you pick it up and drop it again.
    This doesn't apply to when it's put in a stack.
  • If you are playing as any of Woodie's wereforms, werepigs are neutral to you.
  • Old trees (trees that are in the phase where a single swing of the axe breaks them,
    leaving only a stump and a pinecone) have the same chances of summoning a treeguard than a fully grown tree,
    so if your point is to get treeguards, you should target those first and save time.


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  • Treeguard's spawn rate does not scale with day count. They won't spawn on the first 3 days, but after that,
    you have a consisten 1.33% chance to spawn a treeguard when any evergreen is felled.
  • If you have a stupid amount of time you can cut down trees as a ghost. One haunting = one axe swing.
  • You can get rid of bearger forever by building a telelocator focus to one of the smaller lunar islands,
    loading it with the gems, and whenever he comes looking for trouble just teleport him with a telelocator staff.
    Make sure to clear the island of any anenemy that may be there, just in case. As long as he is not actively killed
    he never despawns, and since he can't leave the island, you can consider him on vacations forever.
  • Mushy Cake resets your grogginess the moment it is eaten and it raises your sleep resistance from the default 3 to 13.
    This does not make you immune to becoming groggy after you've eaten the cake, it just increases how much grogginess you
    can accumulate before you fall asleep.
  • Beekeeper Hat prevents stunlocking from Grumble Bees for half a second after being hit. This may be the deciding factor
    for the survival of someone being absolutely swarmed by them.
  • While hallowed nights didn’t get any new content, the steeped lunar essence actually got 2 new uses:
    you can turn lightbulbs into bulbous lightbugs, and light flowers into bulbous lightbug spawners.
  • If you base in the swamp, leave chester next to murky ponds. He will outregen all mosquito damage
    and mosquitos eventually suicide. Since you're relatively nearby the game won't unload them either,
    so you get infinite sacks farming.
  • Wobsters count as a large meat for some recipes, and they must be alive to be placed in a crockpot.
  • Hammering a deployed Astral Detector returns 100% of its crafting components (1x Moon Rock, 1x Thulecite).
    So whenever your Astral Detector drops to 10% durability just deploy it, hammer it,
    and craft a new one to obtain an Astral Detector with 100% durability for free.
  • Koalaphants and No-Eyed Deers eat from Salt Licks and get atractted to them.
  • The Milkmade Hat works while sleeping
  • I just wanted to mention that rabbits take 2.5 days to respawn. Sometimes people make traps and after they
    catch a rabbit, they drop the trap in the same hole, but nothing will come out of it for 2.5 days.
    Instead of making a lot of traps and putting them down on all the holes, you can just rotate with a couple of traps
    and move them to other holes once you catch a rabbit.
  • Ewecuses will not aggro onto Mactusks allowing the latter to snipe the former without its provocation.
  • The Eyemask/Shield of Terror can both be repaired by feeding them food. they recover
    4*(item's health value) + 1.75*(item's hunger value) when fed. And they have the same stats
    as the Football Helm and Log Suit respectively.
  • You can feed eye mask and shield with eternal fruitcake for several % of durability.
  • Without eating them directly, one can utilize glow berries by feeding them to a caught rabbit or an
    Eyemask/Shield of Terror in your inventory.
  • The only conceivable method to extinguish a Star Caller Staff dwarf star is to haunt it as a ghost.
  • For Lights Out, an important tip is the only way to get birds during night-time is that Catcoons can (rarely)
    throw up live birds if you give them gifts and wait a bit.
  • Beefalos don't lose domestication while asleep, so it's actually easier to fully tame them in Lights Out, since they sleep imeediately after you dismount them (before even walking away!)
  • You can get the Catcoon to cough up right away by moving away from it and moving back to it after feeding it.
    It triggers when it gets out of range from you then gets into range of your character.
  • You can use ice to refill watering cans instead of having to go to a pond.
  • Hammering a burnt sign still yields one board, enough to make a new one.
    However, there is also a chance of it dropping charcoal in addition to the boards.
    Not really worth the time, but you could have charcoal.
  • Shadow Creatures spawned from Nightmare Fissures don't have a spawn limit per player, and don't restore sanity
    upon death. They are named different as well, from "Crawling Horror" and "Terror Beak" to "Crawling Nightmare"
    and "Nightmare Beak" respectively.
  • Wes can haunt a Pile O' Balloons to inflate them.
  • Bearger's run attack destroys everything in its' path, including stone fruits.
  • An extremely specific trick mostly intended for pub WIllows during spring. Wearing a Rain hat or an Umbrella
    and standing under a burning tree dries you extremely fast, even in rain. The same also applies to evergreen/birchnut
    trees right next to a furnace.
  • You can charge into birds as the Weremoose to reset your weremeter drain. You can also reset the drain by
    hitting threatening shadow creatures with the charge, that is, those shadows you see roaming around but
    don't attack you yet because you are not insane. It also counts passing with the charge over hidden enemies
    such as tentacles, or underground depth worms and moles, even though you don't deal damage to these either.
  • Eggs can be given to PK for 1 gold
  • Hammering spoiled fishes now gives you boneshards; 50% chance for small fish, and 100% chance for big fish.
  • 7 things you can do with a torch and a watering can: Farm Snurtle Shell Armors, Farm Pigs during night
    (good for Webber, Wortox, Wurt or during Full Moons), Farm Bunnyman one by one during day,
    Release all Bees from a box/hive to gather Bees or Honey safely), Farm Golden Belts
    (burn and extinguish a pig house during dusk/night until he exits it with a golden belt, 1% chance),
    Release all Spiders from a spider den, and Make a tree burn for more than 30 seconds.
  • The watering can's effect is AoE and can actually make Dragonfly wet enough to calm it when it's enraged.
    You just need to use the watering can on a burning object rather than Dragonfly itself.
  • You can walk spider den's webbing without triggering spiders: step on the edge of webbing, spiders will
    come out to check the place you stepped in, run in circle on webbing around den immediately to avoid aggro spiders.
    Once they go back to den you're free to walk on webbing without triggering any more (better done with tier 3 dens,
    because of web width).
  • You can burn Drying Racks to skip the drying time, but it's going to cost you 2 Twigs, 1 Charcoal and 2 Ropes.
    Same goes for burnt Crock Pots, and will even give you full freshness, but any extra servings (where applicable)
    would be lost entirely.
  • You can use the Watering Can to make Thermal Stones 5 degrees colder each time with no cap. Just drop one
    in the middle of a farmplot and water away.
  • You can get rid of a farm plot with a pitchfork.
  • Using deconstruction staff on the empty watering can will return you 1 board and 1 rope, but if it's full -
    it will return 2 boards and 1 rope instead. Same with waterfowl can.
  • You can create bee boxes with "red" bees in spring. All bees in spring are red,
    but they are still differentiated between "bee" and "killer bee", even if they are red in inventory.
    It should have the name "bee" not "killer bee", and those are good for bee boxes.
  • You can put both the winter treats and cookie crumbles in the compost bin.
  • The Glowcap give differents light radius with each color : 4 Blue ~ 1.5 tile, 4 Red ~ 2.0 tiles, 4 White ~ 2.25 tiles
    4 Green ~ 2.5 tiles. Since Glowcap accept spore that can last 60 days, its better to use it if you
    dont want to refuel it every 20/40 days like with the Mushlight. The thing is, whatever you put in the Mushlight,
    it will always give the maximum light radius of 2.5 tiles with a white light. So, if you dont care about the color
    and just want the best radius, you should put your festive light in Mushlight.
  • If you don't want to repair a leak on your main boat after attacking a gnarwail,
    craft an empty boat from 4 boards and attack him from here. Leaks gnarwail makes on that boat will eventually destroy it,
    leaving 4 boards behind - exactly the amount that was spent on it, allowing you to rebuild the boat kit afterwards +
    get a gnarwail horn with little effort. Repeat until you have more gnarwail horns than you'll ever use.


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  • Soothing Tea's sanity-over-time effect is a food buff, so it is not affected by spoilage. Only the initial 15 sanity is.
    That means Stale Soothing Tea will restore 30 sanity and Spoiled Soothing Tea will restore 20
    (-10 intially + 30 over time). This makes it the only food in the game that can restore sanity even when it's not fresh.
  • The Lord of the Fruit Flies is super territorial. He won't go farther than 7.5 tiles from his spawn point,
    meaning you can choose to spawn him in some remote area and leave him there to avoid having to fight him every 20 days.
    Fruit Flies spawned from him will sow weeds constantly so long as he stays alive, and they don't have the same range
    restriction even though they generally follow him. What all this means is that the Lord of the Fruit Flies is amazing
    for making weed farms. You can spawn him 8 tiles away from where you want your weeds, till the soil,
    then lure him there and kite him for a bit until the fruit flies have filled the soil with weeds.
    If you don't get the weeds you want, you can quickly deaggro the Lord by leaving his "leash range",
    allowing you to dig up the undesired weeds and re-till the soil in peace before trying again.
  • If you're on a dedicated server, and others are playing on it, you can paddle a boat, leave the game,
    and come back, and you will be at the portal. The boat continues moving while you are gone,
    and you cannot respawn in the middle of the ocean so the game sends you to the portal.
  • Easy way to deal with the duo bishops by the ancient pseudo science machine is to feed a rocklobster 3 rocks
    (~9 minutes follow time), and bring it to the bishops. bishops will attack the rock lobster until the end of time,
    and u can just ignore the bishops and craft freely at the ancient pseudo science station.
  • Wurt's buildings only have to be placed on marsh turf, it doesn't have to stay marsh turf.
    Just dig it back up with the pitchfork after placing the building. So you can get away with making just one marsh turf.
  • Depth Worms eat the bananas from banana trees.
  • live animals placed in an insulated pack will take longer to starve, since their hunger is sort of just a fancy spoilage!
    Very very nice for Lightbugs!
  • You can take suspicious marbles through wormholes.
  • Using the bone helm for too long will cause nightmare creatures to be hostile to you when you take it off.
  • The shadows spawned by the bone helm can be despawned by spam equipping and unequipping the bone helm.
  • Dead eels can stack while live ones don't, same thing as fish morsels and fish.
  • You can place the celestial orb inside of chester to never lose him.
  • Spawners like Wobster Dens, Beehives and other such things only work properly when somebody is near them.
  • You can draw anything that has an inventory icon on mini-signs. That also includes things that you can only carry
    on your back as well including live animals such as Rabbits and Lightbugs.
  • Killing a bee hive in 1 hit won't summon spawn any killer bees, and destroy any bees that where inside the hive.
  • Crafting Wood gates are very efficient to carry materials (IE: you could have up to 20 rope and 40 boards at one time).
  • Nightmare fuel when wet will refuel bone armor less efficient than when it's dry.
  • Haunting an ice staff as ghost freeze near enemies.
  • Using the wall method to stop larvae from reaching you can double as a passive way to farm rocks.
    Placing a flingo and some sticks will freeze the larvae turning them to rocks.
  • You can collect cactus/spiky bushes on a beefalo without taking damage yourself. The beefalo will take damage,
    but -3/-6 health is insignificant to a mob with a 1000 hp and natural regen.
  • You can use manure to extinguish smolders without taking damage.
  • YOTB added 2 new emotes that are specifically done on beefalo (or Woby): /pet and /bigpet
  • Earthquake debris can hit shadow creatures. Also, shadow creatures can aggro on and attack innocent creatures
    if they get hit from them falling.
  • Rooks can break ancient pseudo science machines, and if it spawns a nightmare beak,
    it can aggro the rook who smashed the machine.
  • You can drop a Scorching Sunfish next to a mini-glacier puddle to evaporate it.
  • As Wendy, you can use a pipspook instead of abigail to return her when she is about to die.
    This can be a life saver in ruins and is extremely helpful on console,
    where Abigail has to be right by you to interact with her.
  • Willow gets about +0.7 sanity/min from holding a torch/lighter.
  • Rockjaws have a 30% chance to do another set of bites after finishing one. There's no limiting factor,
    so they can technically go on for a long time if you're lucky.
  • Rockjaws are programmed to give up after not hitting anyone after jumping onto a boat 3 times.
  • Deck Illumnators receive only half of the fuel value of flamable items, so a Manure would only fuel it
    to 12% instead of 25%. Also, for some reason, Willow's 50% extra fuel perk doesn't apply to them.
  • Spore clouds doesnt spoil foods by decreasing days its about %
  • Here's a couple formulas to determine how long your insulation gear will last in their respective seasons:
    Time = (EndingTemp - StartingTemp) / (-30/(30 + winterInsulation)) for Winter.
    ie: (0 - 40) / (-30 / (30 + 120)) = 200 seconds
    Time = (EndingTemp - StartingTemp) / (30/(30 + summerInsulation)) for Summer.
  • Each Nightmare light in the ruins (at least the ones near the repaired APS) spawn at most
    2 Shadow Creatures per cycle, So if you kill eight of 'em during the Nightmare Phase,
    this spot is safe for the next 10 minutes.for 10 minutes, you can put on your Bee Queen Crown
    and revel in the 300-450 sanity/min aura each light provides.
  • Roaring Fire Pits, Scaled Furnaces and open fires heat up Thermal Stones to 45°C.
    Lava Pools heat up Thermal Stones to 90°C. Not only do 90°C TS glow significantly brighter,
    they keep you warm twice as long and surprisingly still don't overheat you.
  • If you manage to seperate a Varg from its Hounds (for example using a wall of statues
    for the Doggos to get stuck upon), the Varg won't spawn any more Hounds, no matter where you take him.
    As long as the Hounds are alive, his spawn-cap is reached. If they are unloaded however, they can never reach him.
  • Burrows have 50 inventory slots, so Moleworms can be used to create secret stashes of up to 1000 gold nuggets,
    2000 trinkets or other minerals, or 3000 slingshot ammo.
  • Eyeplants won't attack Fruit Flies, Lord of the Fruit Flies, Friendly Fruit Fly or eat the Friendly Fruit Fly Fruit.
  • You can use the beefalo bell to lure one beefalo away  from the herd. simply bond one beefalo,
    go away as far as you can and kill it.
  • If you want to get rid of dead weeds, just use a torch instead of a shovel.
  • A Cookie Cutter normally only targets boats within 12 units (walls) of itself,
    but it also shares that target with any other Cookie Cutters in a 5 units radius of itself whenever
    it first spots the boat. This is why Cookie Cutters seem to come at you in groups so frequently,
    even if some in the group feel like they're too far away to even notice you.
  • Water Balloons DON'T make mobs wet. The balloon is a lie. The only mobs that actually do get wet
    with Water Balloons are players and Dragonfly. Electrical damage that's being dealt (at least for Dfly)
    is also scaled based on how wet they become instead of the full electrical boost
    (ex. 50% wet means only 50% of the full electric damage boost with a Morning Star and probably Jelly).
    The way to tell if something is wet is if they have a blue text when you hove your mouse over them. Alternatively,
    if you see puddles on the ground, the mob is still wet.This is because mobs are only wet when the environment is wet
    (it's like an on/off switch). Depths Worms are always wet.
  • Festive Lights make Hutch glow forever.
  • You don't necessarily need a Spear or Battle Spear for Fugu Hutch. You can use: Glass Cutter (75 Uses),
    Strident Trident (150 Uses), Spear (150 Uses), or Battle Spear (200 Uses). However, since the damage output
    stays at a constant 30 per Use, it'd be dumb to use anything but (Battle) Spears for Fugu Hutch.
  • Pets glow if you feed them Glow Berries or Glow Berry Mousse.
  • Player-centered light sources stack. If you want to increase your light-radius while using your Mining Helmet,
    or Glow Berry Mousse, just equip more items at once! If you got a surplus of Glow Berry Mousse,
    just feed them to separately stacked bees inside your inventory and you'll glow like Christmas!
  • Ancient Sentrypedes take only two hits to be frozen. Great way to deal with Sentrypedes while raiding the Archives.
  • Maxwell's insanity/lunacy visual and sound effects have lesser intensity (if not fully insane/enlightened)
    than other survivors. Also, his beardling, beardlord and mind control thresholds are at 30% sanity instead of 40%.


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  • Bunnymen hate Mutated Birds; three of them easily suffice to get rid of all the birds wherever they spawn.
    Use them at dusk so they don't sleep.
  • Wobsters don't starve on ground and can be captured anytime. You can stockpile Wobsters in a cage to walk around in.
  • The Celestial Crown buff works with the Ice Staff. This doubles the Sanity Cost of Ice Staffs to 2 Sanity per Use,
    but buffs your Ice Staff with 42,5 Damage per hit, as long as your Sanity is above 85%.
  • Eating Mushy Cake before transforming to the Weremoose will make you groggy for much longer
    if you ram into an obstacle while charging.
  • Wurt's mechanic of making fish live four times as long in her inventory doesn't extend to backpacks.
  • The spoilage RATE is how much freshness is lost per second, and it is generally slower in winter (down to 0.75),
    and generally faster in summer (up to 1.25). The spoilage TIME is how many seconds it takes to lose all freshness,
    and it is inversely proportional to the spoilage RATE. So if the RATE is multiplied by some constant,
    the TIME is divided by that same constant. In winter, for example, the RATE is multiplied by 0.75
    and thus the TIME is divided by 0.75. So perishables do indeed spoil 25% more slowly,
    which means they last 33% longer. It's all based on world temperature, it may not constantly apply all the time.
  • When antlion spawns, it destroys stone fruit you placed on its spawn point.
  • Got any unwanted tentacle pits in your Wickerbottom game? Or have you still not cleared your Reed-Trap?
    If so, just weaponize Moongleams! They deal electric AOE-damage to all mobs, even underground Tentacles,
    buried Worms and Nightmare Creatures! Equip your Eyebrella, open your bundled Wrap of 10 Moongleams and
    position yourself inside the moongleams. According to my experiments, they seem to follow the first entity they
    "see". If it's you, you'll achieve full control over their movement and can even group them together in
    tight deadly clouds. If they get close to you they spread apart, if they are distanced from you,
    they move towards your position via the shortest path. Knowing this, you can just run in circles around
    your Tentacle Pit and you'll keep the cloud in place. Advantages are: AOE-Damage, Spores last long enough to
    kill all the Tentacles, Spores can't be attacked, Tentacles can't dodge the electrocution and, speaking of which:
    the Sparks might even deal electric damage, proving extra efficient against the ever-wet slimy Tentacles.
    10 Spores should easily suffice for your average sized Pit, 20 should work for a Reed-Trap.
  • Moongleams charge Volt Goats.
  • Lureplants don't attack Wagstaff, don't eat up Wagstaff's tools, but easily nom up any bird audacious enough
    to come close. Just locate Wagstaff, plant a meaty bulb next to him, quickly sprint away for the whole thing to
    unload and then come back three days later.
  • Big Meteor strikes destroy almost anything including stuff like food, bundling wraps, weapons, armor, etc.
    Irreplaceable objects such as the Eyebone, Ancient Key, Altar Pieces, etc are exceptions however.
  • If you put your backpack on ground, you can put multiple bonded Bells in it.
  • Puffins are the only birds that float when dropped in the ocean, others birds will die once dropped
    in the water will instantly die. Stunned birds count as items and will sink, they won't show a death animation
    or drop any loot; same applies for Moleworms. If a frog falls in the ocean however, it will spawn on land.
  • Fire Nettles won't attack you if they're wet, so if you'd like to harvest a lot of fire nettles fronds
    without being belted by the nettles intense heat, wait until rain (Waterballoons/Watering Cans won't work).
    on a boat and wet yourself that way. (To be considered wet you need 40% or more moisture)
  • Grass Gekkos are terribly afraid of Pigs, Bunnymen, Chester and Hounds. Werewolves are a nuisance and Hounds
    are impractical (unless using sleeping staff-trap-Hounds), so Bunnymen are your perfect choice!
    They don't destroy walls and inflict nigh-permanent panic in a radius of roughly 5 diagonal Wall-Tiles,
    which certainly suffices to perma-shock all the inhabitants of your average pen! Pen in your Bunnyman
    and you only ever need to enter to collect the loot!
  • You can burn Hounds corpses to stop them from reviving.
  • Telepoofed Rooks just wanna get home and will constantly try to jump back wherever they are. You could
    telepoof them to the Lunar Islands and they would essentially be stuck there.
  • You can step on sticky webs if the Den is frozen. If you aim it standing either perpendicular to the edge
    or diagonally, you won't alert the Spiders when freezeing the nest. Wander around as much as you like,
    even when the Den thaws. Surprisingly, if multiple dens are near to each other, the combined web counts as one,
    so you won't even alert new Spiders when leaving the original Dens web. Watch out though,
    since wandering close to the edges seems to spawn Spiders nonetheless sometimes.
  • Queen bee stops actively chasing players at 50% health or less.
  • The Nurse Spider can heal Webber as well. Each healing from a nurse spider heals for 8 health.
    Nurse spiders can be unlocked by having a spider queen target you (25% chance to spawn one when targetting),
    and taming it. Nurse spiders are cheap to convert from black ones, since recipe component is
    2 honey (& 2 silk + 2 MM). Nurse spiders do half damage, have warrior spider HP (400),
    and only trigger their healing ability while in combat (once every couple attacks).
    Once you have nurse spiders, you can manually make the nurses force-heal by
    attacking one of your loyal spiders to set an example (then using the whistle after they trigger the heal).
  • Shell Bells tend nearby crops. f placed correctly, their pleasant sound reaches up to 9 plants
    in a 3x3 square! It's seems even more efficient than friendly fruit flies, just run through your crops
    and they'll spark joy all around.
  • These are all the following conditions a grass must go through when picked for it to spawn a gecko herd, in order:
     It can not be winter. It must have been picked or dug up by a player (not lureplants, depth worms, bearger slam, etc).
    Grass Gekkos can spawn in the caves. A 1 in 100 chance must be met. For each potential grass tuft before it turns into
    a gecko: It must have been transplanted. It must have been more than 20-30 days since the grass tuft was transplanted.
    It must be in the "idle" animation. There must be less than 6 gekkos within a 5 tile radius. nearby geckos continue
    to spawn until the previous check fails.
  • Spiders don't go back to their dens if they're or fire or frozen. If you set a den on fire with a torch or
    fire staff, it's spiders will come out as if the den was attacked. But they don't agro to you, nor go back to their den
    while it's on fire. If it's day time, they'll instead fall asleep. One can then, as Webber, quickly pick up all the
    sleeping spiders, and then extinguish the den with a watering can or ice staff. Few notes about this: You need to pick
    up the spiders before extinguishing their den or they'll wake up. If the den burns for 20 seconds straight,
    it will turn to ash. It also loses health fairly rapidly. When the den is shaved or upgraded, it resets it's
    health and spiders. Spiders won't fall asleep if their den is frozen, they'll just linger.
    Which is why you need to burn the den, not just freeze it.
  • Webber can pick up his spider friends without losing his loyalty, which also means he can retrieve
    any hat he gave them at no cost.
  • There is a hidden mechanic in Spring where the max chase time(The maximum amount of time a mob will chase you for)
    and max chase distance(The maximum distance between the mob and its target before it gives up chasing after it)
    and/or the aggro distance(minimum distance a mob needs to be near something for it to target onto) is increased
    by 33% for many mobs. This applies to these mobs: Bees & Killer Bees. Gnarwail. Merms & Guard Merms. Mosquitos.
    Guard Pigs and Werepigs(This does not apply to regular pigs). Rock Lobsters. Smallbirds. Spiders. Tallbirds.
    Spider dens will also host 33% more regular spiders(However that number is rounded down, take for example
    a tier 1's den 3 spiders, that'll be multiplied by 33% which yes results in 3.99, however thats rounded down to 3,
    so you won't get anymore spiders from a tier one) A tier 2 den will host 7 spiders instead of 6 in spring
    and a tier 3 will host 11 spiders instead of 9. Also, usually to trigger a spider den and all its spiders,
    one of its spiders will need to be attacked in a distance of 12 units away from the spider den,
    this distance is also increased in spring by 33% to a distance of 15.96 units. This does not apply to other dens
    like shattered dens, cave/spitter spider dens. The range for which a mob shares it's target with others of its kind
    (beefalo, spiders, etc) is also increased by 33% for all mobs that have this mechanic.
  • You can block tentacles with just dropped items no need for walls. Same with lureplants for eyes,
    but you can use mini signs so other eyes don’t pick up the item.
  • When using the Clean Sweeper and click on Wilson or Webber to change their beard, they will always face towards
    South or SouthEast.
  • You can use your watering can to un-whither plants in the summer.
  • During the day, the clock on the top right does a special animation every 30 seconds,
    each time the "hand" points at a new segment.
  • The Winter's feast table throws crockpot meals into the air if its not from the event.
  • Thermal stones have their own internal temperature similar to player temperature. This temperature
    determines what color they will be (white, yellow, orange, etc) along with how much heat they emit.
    Thermal stones have 120 insulation, and so their internal temperature drops 1 degree every 5 seconds
    when its cold out. Nothing, not even player insulation or... miner hats? can affect thermal stone
    insulation or temperature loss rate. Player clothing insulation slows down player temperature loss
    once your thermal has run out or when you don't have a thermal or heat source.
  • The Giant Trees in the Waterlogged biome have a 70% chance to spawn a firefly nearby when a new day hits
    if there's less than 10 fireflies in the area, allowing for easily renewable fireflies.
    This does not apply to the player grown ones however.
  • Instead of bringing multiple dark swords with you, you could bring ingredients to make more swords on the go
    if you think you may need some more.
  • One lureplant can hold up to 520 (not 600) grass (and other items that stack up to 40),
    so if you reading 10 times (2 full books per 1 lureplant) then lureplant just need to reach 52 grass tufts per read.
  • Sunken objects can block waves. You could drop objects in the water to form walls that waves can't
    pass through or form on.
  • During summer antlion only spawns (and makes sinkholes) if the world is dry.
  • You can put charged moon glass inside ice chester, and it makes it spoil slower,
  • There are two ways to obtain Time Pieces as Wanda: Craft 1x at the cost of 8x Thulecite Fragments and 2x Nightmare Fuel.
    Or craft 4x at the cost of a Moon Rock Idol.
  • Wanda does not take the -3 health damage from Taffy, which is her favourite food.


  Reveal hidden contents
  • Every 2.5 damage Wanda takes equals to 1 year aged.
  • Sunken Chests have a 2% chance to have a trinket included in their drops.
  • Sinkoholes created by Antlion just flat-out destroy a Houndious Shootius.
  • You can refuel items in your inventory by holding the fuel with the mouse and using the number of the inventory slot
    where the item you wanna fuel is placed. Ex. bone armor in your inventory 1, just hold nightmere fuel and press 1.
  • Clicking on back steps and backstreks in your inventory highlights near marks linked to that clock.
  • Wavey jones spawn in the opposite side where you stand so if you have some hard to access zones in your boat
    just move there so they can't spawn like in the screenshot.
  • If you are in the caves during spring and everything is wet, a way to identify which mysterious plants are depth worms,
    or lesser glow berries, is by equipping a torch and moving your mouse cursor over the plant.
    If the torch option is unavailable, it's a depth worm.
  • You can whack Wobsters, much like Moleworms. It has the same effect, too.
  • You can place your bee boxes on boats to avoid Bearger being atracted to them and destroying everything.
  • You can free Gem deers without killing Klaus by teleporting Klaus away or unlinking him from them. They will drop
    their gems and break their collars when doing so.
  • Lureplants underneath the canopy of a Knobbly Tree still take smoldering priority, even if they can't burn
    due to the shade. In theory, one can expand the canopy safe-zone using Lureplants.
  • You can feed Beefalo any food that takes away health, like green or red caps,
    and they will wince because they're actually losing health.
  • You know the cave lights in the Lunar Grotto biome and how they get bigger during dusk and night time? Well, during the day, they are just a single dot. That dot is also the spawner for the Naked Mole Bats. Not only that,
  • the Naked Mole Bats can keep summoning a new ally every minute if you kill the mole bat that did the summoning every time.
  • If you haunt a spider and kill it while its glowing, it's a guaranteed spider gland.
  • Planks on boats are always facing southeast.
  • Tilled farm soil can prevent the Sporecaps that Toadstool makes from spawning.
  • In the event that you unraveled the wrong DST skin, it's possible to get it back by clicking the 'Rollback' button
    in your own Klei account to revert the process. Take note that the rolling back option only works one month from
    the date of unravelling.
  • The failed survivors setting in world generation affects all setpieces not just the failed survivors,
    meaning it will increase (or decrease) the number of failed survivors and setpieces that aren't guarenteed
    like triple mactusk, tallbird fortress and reed trap.
  • If, when sea fishing, the lure is attached to the edge and the fish bites it you only have to click "Catch".
    No more waiting 5-10 seconds to reel in a struggling big fish.
  • You can place Bulbous Lightbugs in a Mushlight and/or Glowcap. This is good because they last 8 days in there, and
    when they eventually die, they leave behind fresh lightbulbs inside; that gives about 32 days of light in total.
  • When DST is paused you can manage your inventory and look browse through crafting recipes.
  • Having 1x Enlightened Crown Shard in your Mushroom Lights prevents all other light-items in Shroom Light
    from ever spoiling.
  • Wes can attack his party balloon while riding a beefalo to avoid taking damage, but gain all the sanity.
  • Lightbulbs raise a beefalo's obedience the same as twigs/grass do, so you can tame a beefalo
    entirely by feeding it lightbulbs and riding it.
  • Mounted beefalo can easily kill the Mushgnomes by tanking all the explosive spores.
  • The shadow pieces are most effiently dealt with by setting up a couple of Winona's catapults,
    a G.E.M.erator (better than the normal one cause you can manually start it) and a boat.
    Place one rook and one bishop on land near the edge to the ocean, then place knights on the boat
    to your hearts desire. At new moon, kill bishop and rook first and then simply start the gemerator and wait.
    The knights can leave the boat, but can't enter land and will be stuck on the water,
    while getting sniped by the catapults. This way, you can mass farm dark swords,
    night armor and shadow atriums.
  • Hammering a burnt sign/directional sign will award the materials to immediately craft another one,
    but may also award you with charcoal. Basically a free way to get charcoal with only a hammer and torch.
  • A Tackle Receptacle, when burnt, will drop every ingredient needed to build another one when hammered.
  • So far the only spiced food type that has a useful effect on the mask and shield is food with seasoning salt.
  • Birds normally last about 5 days in your inventory but last 4 times as long in a birdcage
    (excluding seasonal modifiers). poisoned Canaries are treated the same as a regular Canary (they last just as long).
  • Missing toys from pipspoks glows in the dark so. If you are close to one toy but you cant spot it at night
    just turn off your light sources and find a little white glowing thing.
  • Mighty Wolfgang can use the Ice Cube without having the speed penalty. Also, Mighty Wolfgang's chance of finishing
    to cut a tree on one hit also works on Above-Average Tree Trunks.
  • Standing next to the pig king causes sinkholes to spawn a good distance around you instead of on top of you.
  • When wielding the tragic torch (torch skin from cyclum puzzle), you can hear a very faint sound of
    the insanity ambiance, even when at full sanity.
  • If you turn all music off completely, you can hear the ancient pseudoscience station noise
    in the character selection menu.
  • Dumbells are sink proof, you can throw them at birds while out on a boating adventure at sea.
  • You can make shadow hands leave using a Clean Sweeper on the campfire, fire pit or
    endothermic fire pit they are trying to extinguish.
  • Pets do count as companions for Wolfgang, and having one will actually let him gain sanity with a shanter at night.
    Beefalos, however, don't.
  • Pig King won't accept Frog Legs (raw or cooked) for trading.
  • Walter gains sanity standing near Mushgnomes. This is because code-wise they're considered trees/treeguards.
  • The Celestial Altar has the ability to make the Portal paraphernalia and the Moon Rock Idol as soon as you
    assemble it. Players don't have to wait for the Celestial Orb.
  • Attacking with a torch is an easy and cheap method to deaggro/displace a horde of mobs chasing you like
    shadow monkeys, clockworks, spiders, and hounds when you can't one-shot them.
    Just be careful of any burnable structures nearby.
  • Walter has a hidden perk where he only gets a 10% maximum health penalty and 12 sanity lost when drowning
    instead of the usual 25% maximum health penalty and 25 sanity lost.
  • Lucy can’t be eaten by lureplants.
  • Dragonfly's fire ring attack area actually is seven small circles, so if you happen to stand in a particular
    position next to her, you can take triple damage or no damage at all.
  • Bull Kelp are immune to smoldering when planted in the water. No need to place a flingo on them,
    unless you are worried about something else close to them catching fire and thus spreading.


wow, amazing work

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loopuleasa    1998

I feel dumb, but

You can still sell eggs made from monster meat to pig king for 1 gold.


I thought this was removed for some reason. It's still in the game.

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Lyl2333    236

Die and haunt the giant tentacle until it retrieve instead of fighting it and resurrect yourself with life giving amulet 

Bring two life giving amulets with you, so you can watch in your soul-form while the Bee queen and Twins of Terror fight. Usually the first night will bring the twins to their second phase and the second night will make them kill the queen. I think the length of the first two spring nights will be minimally enough.


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Peyo33    97

You can warm up the thermal stone if you drop near the hot springs on lunar island.

If you use a lunar experiment on a light flower it turns into a bulbous lightbug flower.

Forgot to say, also if you use the lunar experiment on a lightbulb it turns into a lightbug.

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Echsrick    3680
On 4/3/2022 at 12:45 AM, loopuleasa said:

I feel dumb, but

You can still sell eggs made from monster meat to pig king for 1 gold.


I thought this was removed for some reason. It's still in the game.

you could alsol use dry monster meat too, the clearly longer way

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loopuleasa    1998
6 hours ago, Peyo33 said:

You can warm up the thermal stone if you drop near the hot springs on lunar island.

Oh, cool. Does this not work on players too?

Do you know the warmth comparison of the geysers? Is it like a weak fireplace? How hot can it make your thermal, and how fast?

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Spino43    1396
1 hour ago, loopuleasa said:

Oh, cool. Does this not work on players too?

Do you know the warmth comparison of the geysers? Is it like a weak fireplace? How hot can it make your thermal, and how fast?

It's unsure how hot it can be. But they seem to get hotter the more full the moon is. So they are hottest during full moons, and not as hot during new moons.

They also dries player, so it's worth standing near them to dry up during heavy rains (of course you will need to have 100% wetness res first)

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