Hi Can someone find something wrong here ? Plenty of food inside. BBQ & Pepper bread ordered, priority 8. Many dupes are under "no pending deliveries", with a quite strange description   And for those under "low priority", Travaldo could be an example. Cooking is high priority, but when I'm checking errand list, nothing is high priority.     It has worked well, but not anymore, and not from a long time. I've tried to unbuilt grills, then build it again, nothing better. I already had some bugs with grills where I had to deconstruct it to make it working again. But now, it doesn't work anymore.

Thanks for your help. EDIT 1: Ooookaaay. I've reload the game, back to normal.   And sometimes that the sweeper just above that stop working. I've to deconstruct it, then build it again to make it works. And during all this time, all my food supply is roting from everywhere. This kitchen is turning me mad... :-/ EDIT 2: And two mintues later, back to this error status. Now I'm mad.   EDIT 3 : game restarted, back to normal, until it bugs again...   I give up & quit. It works for one meal, sometimes two, then bug again. Quick math problem : if I play 1 minute then it takes 9 minutes quit the game & reload the save, how much time I will really PLAY if I stay 2 hours in front of my laptop. Easier than thermal reaction problem, you have 5 minutes. ^^