Hounds in the open sea are a death sentence

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metallichydra    1,399

what I usually does (not on water, but when on land), is that me and my teammate first dodge the hound, then both attack until it dies. the hound usually dies before the next hound appears, if you're fast enough. but if my teammate do not do this, we usually get overrun by hounds.

is it possible to kill the hounds fast enough before there comes too many, when on a boat?

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Terra M Welch    1,587

I guess for getting back and forth from the moon island, one is better off expending a ton of wood making a boat bridge then actually sailing. :s

Especially on default hound wave settings where you get hounds every 3 days. Hounds feel too frequent past day 100 to ever do any proper sailing.

I guess having a tooth trap area on the moon island would be another option, the horror hounds always drop 2 teeth when killed, so it wouldn't be difficullt.

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